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You are interested in an Australian immigration visa.

You have heard a lot about life in Australia. Or not...

If you browsed this site there must have been something that you liked about the country and its lifestyle.

For example: the sun, the beaches, the easy-going people. 

Well... that looks like something you'd like to experience.

The job opportunities sound appealing too.

This means income to fund the lifestyle. Wouldn't that be nice?

There are lots of benefits that come with moving to Australia.

But everything has pros and cons. So which are the negatives?

Here are a couple of things that you should consider before you express an interest for an invitation to apply to migrate to Australia.

Did you check them? Still thinking about relocating Down Under?

Ok then, you're in for a ride. First you need to express your interest. Then you need to score some points to become eligible.

Points? What points? And how many?

Check them on the Department of Immigration website: Visit the immi website often as changes to general skilled migration visas happen quite frequently. 

"Why is that?", you may ask.

Well, everything changes, so skills in demand do too. Jobs that were hot a couple of years ago are not any more.

Australian Immigration Visa - Skilled - the Basics

Here is a rundown of the basic requirements for an Australian immigration visa for skilled people. And some hints about the more complex ones, those that can help you with more points.

But first, it's about you. So, who are you? Do all of the following apply to you?

  • You are young. 

Or think you are - if you haven't reached 50 yet. It used to be 45 but the cut-off age has now gone up.

You know...the "40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40" mantra. It is creeping into all the aspects of our lives.

  • You have a good command of English.

If you think you have because that's what you first heard from your mum, that's fine. Everyone should agree that you are competent.

Which is what you need to become eligible for an Australian immigration visa. But not to score you points.

  • If you want to get some points for your English you need to sit an IELTS exam and get pretty high marks across all topics.

The higher the better. It does not matter that you've been speaking English all your life, you still need your exam.

  • You make an income as a skilled person in one of the occupations in demand in Australia. The longer you have been employed in that occupation the better.
  • You don't just make the income, you also have the papers to prove you have the right qualifications for that profession.

Again the higher the qualification degree, the more points you get.

For the maximum score you should have your Ph.D. degree.

If you haven't studied that hard yet, that's fine, there are other areas where you could get more points and compensate for the lack of the doctorate degree.

If all this is who you are, then start evaluating your chances.

Review the points test at the Department of Immigration website.

If you go as a couple decide which of you responds best to the criteria. That person should be the main applicant.
Generally, if you do not meet the basic requirements or need more clarification, it is good to talk to an immigration consultant as they provide professional advice and can help find solutions for your circumstances.

For example, National Visas can help clarify your situation. But first, to find out if you qualify for a visa, click here for an online free assessment.

If things seem to be ok for you then express your interest to apply for a skilled visa at SkillSelect, which is an online database. Visit the Department of Immigration website and go from there.

Take your English test if you need one, get your skills assessed and then register your details in the Skill Select database. You may receive an invitation to apply for the skilled visa. If you do you will then need to prove that you meet all the requirements and have enough points.

If you want to continue to read before assessing your eligibility here's some more info about applying as an independent or a sponsored person.
In addition there are provisional and temporary visas that can increase your odds for a permanent residency visa. For example:

Make sure you visit and read carefully through the site to understand the conditions of these visas.

When Will You Know What's Next?

Interested to know how long it will take before you get a reply about your visa application? That is, if you decide to register your interest and are invited to make an application first.

You can find information about the standard processing time for various skilled Australian immigration visa categories by pasting into your browser the following:

There are some visas that are processed quicker than others. Have a look and see whether you fit the bill to apply for one of these.

Good luck.

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