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Looking for an Australia work visa?

If you've managed to read this far, you already know a thing or two about the basic requirements for a skilled visa.

You saw there are two options - you can put up your hand to relocate as an independent or as a sponsored applicant.

So why independent, you may ask?

Because you're on your own and rely on your skills, age, knowledge of English, studies, profession and the length of time you've been practicing it.

No one is offering a helping hand. You're the best you can be. And the best you can be must meet the points test. See here what this means:

But wait, there's someone else who can help you.

If you are in a relationship, that is. Your spouse or partner.

If he or she wants to apply with you, they can score some points too and add to the ones you claim.

But to score points we're back to the basic requirements - they must meet them too. For the specifics see here:

This Australia work visa offers you permanent residency with no conditions attached. It is the best visa you can get, it you meet the requirements.

Interested? Let the department of immigration know you are by registering your details in the SkillSelect database at If they are interested in you too they will invite you to apply.

Now if you want to get an instant free online assessment, click here. Otherwise keep reading.

Skilled Independent Australia Work Visa - Which Are the Requirements?

To be eligible, you have to satisfy a number of requirements for various items, such as:

  • Express your interest to apply via SkillSelect.    
  • Your age - 49 or younger when you apply.

The best age bracket to be in is 25 to 32, you'll get the most points. The worst is between 45 and 49 - no points at all. But with age come additional qualifications and experience, which might compensate for the lack of points based on age. 

  •  Your knowledge of English - at least competent, which means you achieve a minimum mark of 6 in each of the topics of the IELTS exam.

If English is your native language, you're already competent, no exam for you. But if you need to demonstrate that your command of English is much better than competent you must sit the exam and get higher marks.

  • Your skilled occupation, check it on the Skilled Occupations List on the department of immigration website. No points there, but you must name an occupation listed.
  • Your work experience as employed in the occupation nominated. The longer you practiced the occupation the more points for you. It depends where you worked too. If it is in Australia you can claim more points for the same length of service than if you worked overseas. 
  • Your qualifications. If your studies include a doctorate degree, claim the maximum number of points. Bachelor is fine too but scores lower than doctorate. 
  • Your health and character. Both should be good - check on the immi site to see how good. 

The points test changes from time to time, so make sure to do your research and visit the department of immigration Australia website.

Skilled Independent Visa - What You Can Do If You Get It

This is the best Australia work visa as it comes with full rights:

  • To live and work in this country,
  • To remain in the country as long as you wish,
  • To bring your family if you included them in your visa application,
  • To enrol and study at schools or universities in Australia,
  • To be covered by Medicare - the medical insurance national scheme,
  • To apply for Australian citizenship,
  • To sponsor other people who are thinking about emigrating to this country,
  • To get in and out of Australia for a period of 5 years.

Australia Work Visa - Skilled Independent - What You Cannot Do

  • You cannot enter back to Australia after the 5 years have expired.

If you don't travel don't worry about the 5 years. You don't need to take any action.

But if you do want to roam around the world, apply for a resident return visa.

Or better apply for Australian citizenship. 

  • There are no other restrictions for permanent residents, as long as they obey the laws of their new country.

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