Migrate to Australia, Which are the Disadvantages?

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Most people find a better life when they migrate to Australia, and we have tried to describe all the benefits throughout this site. It is an excellent country to live in.

But migration to a new country has always some disadvantages.

See below some hurdles that come with emigrating to a different country.

There are plenty positives to starting a new life in Australia, but each person experiences some negatives too.

Some of the ones below may not apply to you, or you may find others that we didn't think about. If you do, please share them with us.

  • away from the family
  • away from friends
  • distance and expensive travel
  • the stress of looking for your first job
  • expensive housing
  • shock of a new culture

Migrate to Australia - away from the family

This is probably the worst of all. It depends on the ties you have with your family. If you are very close to them it is difficult to know that you are not part of their life anymore. You may be in their thoughts but you are not with them for the big events, for the good and the bad, you cannot celebrate and enjoy with them.

With the advent of technology it is now easy to keep in close contact every day but they are still far away.

Away from friends

Friends may or may not be an issue when you migrate to Australia. Friends come and go as you move forward in life, you meet new people, have new interests, make new friends. But one or two may be friends for life and you lose them when you move away.

From time to time you go back for a holiday and you see that they are still your friends, but there are also other people in their lives, and they are less interested in what you do, share less than they used to, and want to know less about you. Or they are more interested in sharing what is new about them rather than listening to what is going on with you.

This is normal, it is how people behave and how life works, though when you see the behaviour you feel a bit disappointed. You expected the same level of interaction you had with them before leaving. Take things as they are and move on.

Migrate to Australia - distance and expensive travel

Flights are expensive and exhausting. Jet lag is daunting. Travelling back to where you came from or just visiting most places around the world means sometimes you have to fly 24 hours or more and it can take one or two days each way to recover from jet lag.

That's about 5 - 6 uncomfortable days of your precious time that you need to spend on coming to grips with the new time zone and reality.


And this is why Aussies, who are great travellers, prefer to holiday in Bali or go for sightseeing or shopping in Asia. The flights are usually no more than 9 hours and the time difference is not that big, so less jet lag. But when the destination is Europe or Americas, getting there can be expensive and tiring.

The stress of searching for your first job

Finding a job is a stressful experience. The more so when it is your first job in a new country. No local experience, no network, no people you can rely on, no referrals. It is a nerve-racking time.

The most difficult is the requirement to have local experience. How can you if you are new in the country? But there are ways you can go around. One is volunteering, the other is enrolling into courses or attending career fairs.

A good resume can make your job application stand out. As you migrate to Australia and find yourself in a new the country, it is difficult to build a CV tailored to the local market but there are experts who can help.

Migrate to Australia - expensive housing

Prices of real estate in Australia, whether you buy or rent, are high. Experts say they are overvalued and the bubble is about to burst. The crash is actually long overdue. The median rent for a unit in Sydney is about $500. Whether you pay more or less depends on the location, the closer to the City and beaches the more you pay.

One way to minimise the high housing costs when you migrate to Australia is to go to regional areas. Find places where infrastructure and local economy are good and things might work out for you even better than in a capital city. The locals are usually friendly, the community spirit is stronger and you'll be able to integrate quicker and easier.

Migrate to Australia - the shock of a new culture

Everything around you is new and you are on a discovery path. Cities are spread out and cover huge areas so getting from one side of the city to another can take one or two hours if you use public transport and not too much less if you travel by car during peak hours.
Eating habits can be different than the ones you are used to. If you dine out, you usually start early, at 6 or 7 pm. Restaurants close around 10 pm.

You need time to adjust to your new social life and to understand the behaviour and culture around you. But this is something that you would need to do anywhere in the world, if you decide to leave your home country and start from scratch in a new one.

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