Discover Sydney and How to Kick-start Your Life in Australia

Are you searching for information on how to start a new life in Australia?

Did you go from one website to the other, checked forums, hanged in chat rooms, read books and still don't have a clear picture of what to do?

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You'd like to have good job opportunities, a nice home, a good lifestyle, relaxed holidays, nice weekends with your family and friends.

You want to raise your family in a safe place, offer them the best choices, good education, a healthy and cheerful environment.

Australia fits the bill.

It is a great country to live in, with fabulous lifestyle, nice cities, smiling people, interesting regional areas, pristine beaches, great food, amazing holiday spots, nice weather. Nice to be there.

It's a country with strong economy and good job opportunities. And it needs skilled people like you to continue to grow.

But you feel like the clock is ticking and you still don't have a roadmap and don't know what to do?

There's plenty information about life in Australia. In hundreds of places and myriads of online posts. One bit here, another bit there.

Frustrating and tiring. It takes a lot of time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

We have put them together for you. You have all the hints at your fingertips. And you'll know where exactly to look for more.

Learn why Sydney is a Top Choice for Relocating to Australia

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See yourself in this amazing city. Explore:

And get to know Sydney attractions its vibe, what it is famous for, places where to live, relax and enjoy

Where to Start, How to Prepare and What is Life in Australia Like?

Read on...
Discover where to look for options for a visa to immigrate, how to plan your travel, what to do on arrival, and learn how to start your life in a new environment...
This website explains what worked for many new expats, like myself and other skilled people like you.

  • You will get insider's information from a family who relocated here not knowing what to expect and has been enjoying their life in Australia for a good while. 

  • This means you can get practical tips from someone who was where you are now, someone who stumbled upon obstacles and learnt from mistakes.

  • You'll get insights that can help you avoid making the same mistakes. You can make a smooth transition to a new life.  

  • You will know what to expect, how to organise yourself, what worked for others and will gain the confidence to go on.
  • The information we share is based on our own experience and research or discussions with other people who found a new life in Australia. And we are passionate about our life here.

So if you want to see what worked for others, you will find tips on:

  • how to prepare for your application to emigrate,

  • how to organise your affairs and what decision to take before you relocate to Australia,

  • how to plan your travel,

  • what should be your first steps once you arrive,

  • how to get on with your new life.

You will find some interesting facts about this great country, its history, its climate, weather, animals, food and culture as experienced by a family wanting to learn all about their new place.
And you will also find about the disadvantages of moving to a new country, which can make your life quite challenging. So stay or go?

That's right, we were in the same situation as you - looking for answers. With all the pain of not knowing what to do, where to start, who to ask.
It took us quite a while to figure it all out.

Bondi Beach Australia

And once I and my family got our permanent visa, a new question to answer - which city to choose?

Navigate the site and get some facts and our views about some Australian cities, their lifestyle, people, beaches and bush.

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