Life in Australia

So how is life in Australia different from elsewhere?

Not if you think about the daily routine: find work, get on with it, get home, more work and chores, then dreams, fun, plans, and back to bills, and...on it goes.

But it's the environment and the feel that are different and give you the chance to create a better lifestyle for you and your family.

If you're like me, and 80% of population of Australia who choose to live along the coast, then daily routines come with a holiday flavour.

Remember the old cliche that you can't have your cake and eat it too? Now you can.

sydney beaches - curl curl

Even if you don't see the ocean from your bedroom window you can still hop in the car and get to the beach, usually, in less than an hour. Here's our favourite Australia beach, on Sydney's north shore.

street in the blue mountains

If sun, swimming and surf is not your thing you have plenty of options to go for a "tree change".

Surrounded by the bush and wilderness. Waking up to the chorus of laughing kookaburras. Or the rolling trills of a lorikeet.

From time to time learn to live with that possum that has made a home in your roof and is eating your plants.

See, life in Australia is nice and sometimes funny.

sydney back yard

And again, if you're like the other 75% of population that doesn't live in a high rise apartment but in a detached house, you can relax in your own garden.

And how about checking your emails on your deck or gazebo or relaxing by the pool or the fish pond? Would you like that?

So you've decided to start a new life in Australia, done all your research about the good or not so good of relocating to this country and finally got your Australian visa. Congratulations!

What now?

Get an idea of what you need to do on the first day after moving to Australia.

One of the first things to do is to get an Australian tax file number. You will need it when you do your tax return. Who knows, you might even get some money back from the tax office.

Get some tips on how to search for Australian jobs.

And once you get a job, start saving for a house. It is not easy as prices are not cheap. Mortgage insurance can help, but it comes at a cost.

Life in Australia - Real Estate

If you have opted for Sydney, do some research to see where to live in the beginning. See where the suburbs are and get to know more facts of Sydney Australia.

Get more information about Sydney rental properties and how to apply for rental.

But before that, read the Australian language article and get familiar with some of the terms and acronyms used by real estate agents in their ads. It will make it easier for you to browse Sydney classifieds and you will know what to expect when you go to see an open house.

See how prices of Sydney Australia real estate kept pushing up. But there are many voices saying that they are now cooling down.

Life in Australia - Money and Finance

Whether prices are heading north or south, chances are you need to get a home loan. See here which are the major Australian banks and what to expect from them?

Do you need to know how to apply for a credit card? The Credit Cards Australia page gives you some hints.

Australian credit cards include store cards, which are finance offers by big supermarkets such as Woolworths or Coles or department stores. And there are alternatives to spending on credit.

Here are some basic prices for food or eating out.

Read these tips on how to manage your cards and reduce your interest costs.

Transport and Driving

Australia is a big country. The distances here are huge. You need a car as soon as you arrive.

Start with a used car and upgrade to a new one later.

Capital cities cover large areas so a car is a must. But there are times when it's better and cheaper to leave the car at home. For example you can use Sydney public transport. Find more information about

  • trains with details about the city circle and the other lines connecting various suburbs;
  • what tickets to buy for your bus transport ;
  • when to use ferries and how you can actually enjoy great views while commuting to work or just visiting waterfront suburbs;
  • the other transport options to travel around Sydney centre, such as the monorail and trams.

However not all areas have good public transport so check the Sydney travel tips page to see how to apply for a NSW driving licence, when to buy petrol, and some more hints about driving in Sydney.


If you have kids get an overview about education.

Do you want to further your own studies? There is a whole section about universities in various states and cities. Here is a list that summarises them all.

Looking for information about Australian citizenship?

If you have lived Down Under for 4 years you can start thinking about your application.

Good luck with your new life in Australia. I hope you will enjoy living here as much as we do.

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