Australian Cars

The more popular Australian cars are the large family ones and also the utes.

With prices of the fuel set to rise, people have started to shift their interest to medium or smaller vehicles.

And recently to the greener cars, due to increasing climate change issues.

However the belief that you should be safer in a large car is still widely held.

With so many huge road trains running on the main roads, it can be intimidating to drive a small car.

Australian Cars - Family Size

Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon are among the more common and well liked large cars.

Ford Falcon definitely ranks well with taxi drivers. For more demanding customers, cabbies use the more luxurious Holden Statesman.

Ford invented the ute or the utility car in 1930s. Popular belief has it that this Australian invention comes from the complaint of a farmer who said he didn't have the right vehicle to take his family to the church on Sundays and his produce to the market on Mondays.

Enter the ute, which soon became an excellent vehicle for the Australian outback. The passenger car with a platform at the back has quickly conquered many people working either in remote areas or  in cities.

The platform is filled with tool boxes, pipes and all the stuff necessary for the job. And usually all the stuff is closely guarded by the true blue Australian Kelpie dog, travelling on the platform and proudly watching all the passing traffic.

The ute is extremely trendy with tradespeople and not only with them. And the new releases by Ford and Holden, especially the five-seat models, are very chic, with cool colours and excellent body.

Unfortunately both Ford and Holden announced they will stop making cars in this country so we will be fully importing them. Toyota is another manufacturer stopping production.

Cars in Australia - Medium and Small Size

Toyota Corolla is very popular among the mid-sized vehicles and the Yaris among the small ones.

Generally Toyota sells quite well as a used car too. It is a good investment as it seems to lose less in value than other second hand cars.

Ford Focus and Fiesta are also very good choices in these categories.

Australian Cars - The New Greener Vehicles

Toyota launched a hybrid Camry, with an additional electric motor, meant to give it more power while running on less fuel.

The previous hybrid Toyota, the Prius, did not enjoy too much success as it is quite expensive and apparently not that light on fuel.

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