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Below are some tips about how to approach the lack of local experience. This can be a barrier for many new residents in getting Australian jobs.

One of the things that may create difficulties in landing your first job is the lack of a resume tailored for the local market and the specific job.

Australian resumes differ from those used in other countries and their content must respond to all selection criteria included in the job advert.
It is good to start brushing your skills and learning how to write a resume. Otherwise get help from a specialised consultant. Or click on the images on your right to download one of the books published at Amazon by Australian human resources authors.
The other difficulty is the requirement for local experience. When you start browsing ads for Australian jobs, you will find this requirement quite often.          

Well, if you did not live in Australia at all before becoming a permanent resident, you don't have that experience. So how do you overcome this?

In most cases if your skills and experience are what an employer needs, lacking Australian experience is not an issue.

But if you find that it is a problem, then one way to address it is to look for opportunities to do volunteer work.

Australia Job Search - Volunteering Can Help

volunteering - red cross

How does volunteering help?

  • It helps integrate faster into the Australian way of life, meet new people, make friends.
  • And later on you can ask them to provide you with a reference. Your potential employers will want to talk about you with someone who knows you and how you work and behave in a work environment. 
  • If English is not your first language, volunteering will provide you with opportunities to do a lot of talking and to practise your English. You will also get familiar with the Australian slang and various turns of phrase that are unique to the Australian language
  • Volunteering can help you acquire new skills that you can include on your resume. 
  • And it speaks volumes about you to potential employers.

And, what is also important about volunteering is that you will get the satisfaction that you are doing something for the community.

Give it a try.

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