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Australian jobs are advertised online or in newspapers. But not all vacant jobs are published. Some of them are only advertised internally, if at all.

It seems that the number of positions that are not made public is much larger than the number of job ads. This is what is known as the "hidden job market".

How does it work?

Companies need to fill a role but do not advertise the position for various reasons, which can include saving time or money. They may ask their own employees, consultants or business partners to refer someone they know.

Here are some ways to access the hidden job market:

  • volunteering helps you get local experience. But sometimes it can offer more - the business you are helping around might just be looking for someone with your skills in a different role.  
  • building a network  

Australian Jobs - Build Relationships

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Relationships are the key to success. So it is very important to build your network, to meet as many people as you can and talk to them about yourself, your skills and the job that you want.

But don't force your way, make it as casual as possible and in a very friendly way. Friends do count, they may not know about a vacant job but they may know someone else who does.

Look for quality people and form strong relationships with them. Even if there seems to be nothing in it for you. But you develop connections that can help in the future. Some of them can become your mentors, share their experience with you and guide you.

How do you build relationships when you are a new comer to Australia?

Enrol into courses, become a member of various clubs, go to career exhibitions, talk to your neighbours, be visible and be proactive.

Australian Jobs - Attend Career Fairs

Search the internet for career fairs. They are events that bring together a range of employers, career advisers, trainers.

There will be various full time or part time jobs on offer. There will also be seminars where you can get some insiders' tips and advice about what employers are looking for. And how to write your resume or prepare for an interview.

Make sure to plan and attend such an event and make the most of it. Even if you do not walk out with a new job you will have more information on Australia employment market and how to search for jobs.

Australian Jobs  - Enrol into Courses

Join a toastmasters club. It is a friendly environment where a small group of people learn to master public speaking skills.

Public speaking? Why do you need that?

You may think that you are not prepared to speak in front of an audience for a living. That's fine and this is not the goal of such clubs.

What you actually achieve is personal development, confidence and self esteem. By participating you will improve your communications skills, develop persuasion abilities, learn to structure your speech and think well under pressure.

Did I mention that these are exactly the skills that will make you stand out in an interview?

Look for a toastmasters club in your area or close by. For a small membership fee and two meetings per month you learn how to market yourself. Plus you make new friends and build your network.

If you need to brush up your skills in other areas enrol in a course at a community college. Many courses offer qualifications recognised Australia wide. For a larger range of courses go to TAFE.

Here's more about the main barriers in finding the first job.

Good luck with your search for Australian jobs. I hope you get your first one as soon as possible.

And if this is not your dream job, don't worry. Put your foot in the door, get to know the new work environment, get the local experience, prove to be a worthy employee and move on. Look for another job when you feel you are ready.

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