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The 2011 Vivid Sydney lights festival was all about dynamism and special effects. See pictures here.

This is one of the coolest festivals in Sydney that brings huge crowds to the City and its harbour every year around the end of May and beginning of June. They are heading there to see how the sails of the Opera House light up .

While Sydney nightlife during the first editions of this festival was full of colour, in 2011 it is all about creatures.

marine creatures on opera house sails for vivid festival 2011

Marine creatures are moving from one sail to the other, wagging long tails and leaving shadows behind them.

sydney vivid festival - eyeballs on opera house sails

Eyeballs are rolling into the night and following the crowds gathered around the harbour.

geometric figures on opera house sails

Geometric figures: curves, prisms, pyramids, tetrahedrons, spirangles make their entrance, dance on the tiles of the opera and disappear. Stars pop up, sprinkle, light up and go away.         

opera house sails - striped for the creative festival 2011

The moving items get more and more complex and difficult to describe. But the pictures say it all.

sharp colours on opera house sails for sydney vivid 2011

The authors of this magnificent display of colour, movement and radiance are Superbien, a French team specialised in animated content.
In addition to lighting the sails of the Opera House, the festival includes over 40 light sculptures.

jelly fish floating in the harbour for sydney vivid festival 2011

For example you could touch the jellyfish with colourful tentacles lit by hundreds of light sources, or watch the light wheel powered by led lamps in front of the overseas passengers terminal or jump on bicycles and pedal on to bring life to strings of lights around palm trees.

light stallactites installations for vivd festival 2011

Look up and imagine you are in a cave with thousands of crystal stalactites hanging above you...

interactive light tubes, sydney vivid 2011

...immerse in the light reflected by an arc of tubes, changing their colours when you touch them...

sydney vivid festival - blue gadget

get close to this strange looking gadget and see it respond to you by starting to glow blue or

check out the skyscrapers around Circular Quay and watch the playful shapes and patterns projected on them.

3D animation projections brighten up the Customs House and dancing flames blast in Campbell's Cove. But wait, there's more...

The festival is not just about vivid Sydney lights.

Music is a also big part of the festival and Sydney Opera House hosts most of these events with pop music, parties, brass band. And so are the conversations and ideas. Creative people and entrepreneurs gather to discuss about sustainability, future of education, turning ideas into projects, raising funds, experimenting.

There is more music, films, social events. They happen at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Rocks and the Opera House. So, leave your house and get into the winter vibe.

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