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The "Used Cars Sydney" page offers some tips about registering your first car in New South Wales.

So, you allocated a budget and estimated the price you wanted to pay, visited a dealership or checked the classifieds, went to car auctions to see how they work or to bid, and finally bought your car.

What now?

Visit the Roads and Maritime Services - to get your car rego.

Car rego?

This is the Aussie slang for a car registration.

Below are some tips to get you started:

  • Check all the documentation that is required on the RMS website.
  • Transfer the registration (rego) of the car to your name no later than 14 days after the purchase.
  • Pay the stamp duty and the transfer fee.
  • You have to renew the registration every year.

For your first registration or its renewal you need:

  • a pink slip, if your vehicle is older,
  • a green slip.

Used Cars Sydney, The Slips

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The pink slip  is an inspection report that certifies that your car is roadworthy, or safe to drive. You need one if the car is more than 3 years old.

The pink slip has now been replaced by the e-safety check. It's still the same inspection, but you don't get any paperwork. The report is sent to RMS electronically.

So just take your car to an authorised mechanic and pay the inspection fee.

Then purchase a green slip. This is the compulsory third party insurance or CTP.

CTP is valid for the duration of your registration, which can be six months or one year.

If you are under 25 or anyone driving the car is that young, your CTP premium will probably be higher.

In most cases once you pay for your green slip, the information will already be sent electronically to RMS.

By the time you get to your nearest motor registry, they should retrieve your pink and green slips from their systems.

Which means that you actually don't need to go to RMS and stand in a queue to renew your registration. You can do it online or by phone.

If you bought a car that did not have any registration at all, then the process is different.

The first thing you need to get is a blue slip. For this you need an inspection that goes beyond evaluating road worthiness. It checks that the car complies with the relevant standards.

Have you actually purchased your car in a different Australian state and want to register it in Sydney? You will need a blue slip too.

Not all mechanics provide this service, you have to find one who is authorised for unregistered vehicle inspections.

If all is fine they will give you a blue slip.

If the vehicle needs to be fixed they will give you a white slip. This means you have to get all the necessary repairs before applying again for the blue or pink slip.

Used Cars Sydney - Insurance

Once you have your blue or pink slip you can buy your green slip, register the car and drive away.

But wait... the green slip covers your liability if you injure someone else.

It doesn't cover you. It does not cover damage to vehicles or property. For that you need comprehensive insurance, which is not mandatory. Though I would not drive anywhere without it.

If your vehicle is really old and you feel it's not worth spending your money to cover the metal, then buy just third party property insurance. With it you are covered if you damage someone else's car.

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