Uluru Australia, How to Get there?

Want to know what is the best way to visit Uluru Australia? Start in Alice Springs and drive on the sealed road or book a tour. The guides will entertain you and share stories about the outback.

Of course there is the alternative of flying directly to Ayers Rock airport and staying at the resort. More stylish and more expensive.

But Alice Springs offers more options for accommodation, fine dining and additional tours to see other unique land structures of the Red Centre, such as the stunning Australian mountains - the West MacDonnell Ranges or the palms thiving in the Australian desert.

Once in Alice Springs you can drive to Uluru.

You don't need a 4 wheel-drive car to cover the 500 km trip. The road is excellent and...straight.

There are just about 2 or 3 right turns on the whole trip from the Alice to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. Take the first one on Stuart highway, drive straight for 200 km and take your second right turn at Erldunda on Lasseter highway.

erldunda stop, on the way to uluru australia

Stop there for a coffee, snack or refuel.

Erldunda is a cattle station and provides tourism facilities.

When you are there it is as close as you can get to the centre of Australia, which is about 38 km to the left, as the tour operators say.

Then cover the next 236 km to Yulara, which is home to Ayers Rock Resort.

mt conner on the way to uluru australia Mount Connor looks like Uluru

You will pass by the Curtin Springs cattle station and will see Mt Connor.

It looks like a giant tooth brush!

It is a 700 million years old sandstone structure, similar to Uluru. Many people think they are already there!

But wait, there's another 100 km or more to drive.

When you finally reach the Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park, pay the entrance fee and head to the Rock itself which is close by. Or drive another 40 km to the Kata Tjuta, also named the Olgas.

Well... driving can be tiring and boring with the flat road cutting through the arid land. And if this is a return trip and you want to travel to Alice Springs at night, this means you will be driving more than 1000 km in one day.

Book a Guided Tour to Uluru Australia

You will get to know:

They will also tell you about the geography and history of the places and structures you are visiting and how they were formed millions of years ago.

The outback tour guides are not your average drivers. They have a wealth of information and fun to share it with you. Plus you get your breakfast, morning tea, lunch and champagne dinner on most of the Uluru tours.

So sit back relax, watch the changing colours of the arid landscape and also learn something new about Alice Springs Australia and its stunning surroundings.

uluru australia - blue trees

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