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The Vivid Festival is one of the best tourist attractions in Sydney. It happens in winter, for everyone to go out and enjoy the lights on the Opera House, interact with creative sculptures, get some new ideas or simply warm up with a glass of wine to the beats of the music.

The creative festival of "lights, music and ideas" started in 2009 to bring vibe into the winter Sydney climate and it gets bigger and better every year.

It brings residents and tourists to Circular Quay and The Rocks , all equipped with cameras or smart phones and ready to seize the amazing light projections on the sails of the Opera House.

Remember the previous editions of the "Lighting the Sails event? It was all about colours, rich, dazzling colours.If you don't remember click on the thumbnails on your right to see pictures of the previous festivals.

In 2012 it is a very different affair. 

Tourist Attractions in Sydney - Vivid 2012

vivid sydney 2012 white brown sails of the opera

Gone is the stunning display of bright reds, shiny yellows and electric blues. Enter melancholic greys earthy browns, soft greens.

vivid lights at sydney opera house 2012 green

There is a new concept. No more shapes, ocean creatures or animation.

vivid lights at sydney opera house 2012 - people projected on the opera house

Gone are the fairy-tale creatures travelling swiftly from sail to sail. Enter human beings moving around the huge shells.

vivid lights 2012 giant figure projected on the opera house

It is a very different experience, almost surreal, thoughtful and exciting. It is all about people projected on the sails of the opera, with chequered backgrounds in greys and dull greens.

vivid lights 2012 light projections on the opera

While the lighting of the Opera is really cool, it lacks the exuberance of the previous years.

vivid lights 2012 museum of contemporary art warm colours

But a rich palette of colours and animation brings to life two other landmark buildings.

One of them is the Museum of Contemporary Art, here above in warm. tropical colours...

vivid lights 2012 museum of contemporary art cold colours

...and in colder, dominant blues.

customs house light show for creative sydney 2012

The other one is the Customs House, across the Circular Quay.

vivid lights 2012 customs house story show

The light projections are very vivid as they brighten up and tell stories.

customs house light projections

And the audiences follow them with excitement.

The festival was a good medium to remind onlookers that the results of the 2012 census were due to be released in July. Quite a creative use of light projections to share boring statistics.

Or are they boring when they tell us some truths about our society?

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