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The Best Time in Sydney Australia is January

January is the best month to spend your time in Sydney Australia. It is summer, a holiday season and the right time to have fun at the beach.

And if you were there for the New Years Eve you could have also enjoyed live the best fireworks in the world.

But it is also the month when Sydney Festival takes place every year.

The festival is packed with great entertainment.

Lots of things to do in the City during this month.

Australian artists and international performers offer great shows in almost all genres:

  • music,
  • dance, 
  • theatre, 
  • circus, 
  • burlesque, 
  • vaudeville,
  • film and visual arts,
  • literature and debates,
  • light installations.
sydney festival in january

Before 2013 the festival was offering a free opening night in the City. Wile this does not happen any more and the free night moved to Parramatta, 20 km west from the City, the Festival is still the best attraction in town.

The events that pull the largest number of crowds are the free concerts in the Domain that usually happen on the weekends.

In 2014 there are two concerts, one featuring jazz artist Chaka Khan and the other featuring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The concerts in the Domain are a good way to see great shows. The advantage is that you can listen to stunning voices and performers for free.

But the downside is that the events are crowded, you sit on the lawn, and need to find a place close to one of the big screens to see what is happening on the stage.

Still a nice way to get familiar with art and culture.

The Best Time in Sydney Australia - Remember the Opening Nights?

sydney festival 2010, laser display

Let's just remember what the free nights looked like in the past. They started in the afternoon with shows for children and families in Hyde Park and were going well into the night, with music, dance, entertainment, lights, film and videos.

sydney festival 2010, big band

In 2010 some of the acts of the first night included:

  • music of the world, with Brazilian, East European, Egyptian and Indian rythms in Hyde Park, 
  • African, South American and Canadian beats in Chifley Square,
  • soul, dance, jazz and swing bands from the Pacific Islands, Tokyo and New York in Martin Place,
  • indigenous musicians and the master of soul,
  • Al Green in the Domain,
  • pop-up artists, musicians and acrobats surprising people in various locations, some floating in balloons above the heads. Amazing.

In 2011 the exciting places to be during the opening night were:   

  • Hyde Park with family shows, circus acts, bands, cabaret, magic, satire, film;     
  • Martin Place - music, hip-hop;
  • Macquarie Street - music, drumming;
  • Chifley Square - multi-media;
  • The Domain - music, aboriginal show;
  • St Mary's Cathedral forecourt with a big screen that captured some of the best moments from other venues and lots of food stalls and bars.

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