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Tassie is a pretty big island, so you do need a car to travel around. That is if you are an independent traveller and don't rely on a tour and guides to choose the attractions for you. But if you do, the images on the right show a selection of tours by Viator, so check them out.

You could take your own car if you board the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, which will get you into Devonport on the northern side of the island.

But it is usually cheaper to fly.

Especially if you avoid the high season, school holidays and the month of December when airfares skyrocket.

Flying means that you need to rent a car.

Here's what we found out when we hired ours.

Tasmania Car Hire - the Choice Available

driving in tasmania

Once you land in Hobart or Launceston both airports have heaps of car rental options: Hertz, Budget, Europcar, Thrifty, Avis, you name it, they are all there.

The offer they have is impressive: small cars, large ones, manual or automatic, vans, utes, trucks.

But if you go in high season, for example for the Christmas - New Year period, do yourself a favour and book your car as soon as you know the dates you will be travelling. If you leave it to the last minute, you may run the risk of not finding any car. At all.

Plus the downside of going in high season is that you will pay more per day than if you were holidaying when fewer tourists are around.

driving around hobart

The Car Rental Company We Chose and Why

We were after a small automatic car. Something reliable and economical.

We asked for several quotes and decided to go with a Hyundai I 20 from a local car hire company, Bargain Car Rental.

I hear you thinking "the name says it all".

Actually not.

They are not cheaper than the others, not sure why they call themselves bargain.

On the contrary, the daily charges for us came out a bit more expensive than other quotes.

But they offered two benefits that we could not find with the others:

  • Low excess fee
  • Access to Bruny Island

The excess fee is important

Just think, if you have an accident, your car rental company will ask you to pay the excess fee. And that excess can be in the thousands of dollars, around $3,000, sometimes more.

You can reduce that fee if you pay more when you rent your car. About 20 - 30 dollars more per day. So the cheaper quotes are suddenly not cheap any more.

When we asked Bargain Car about their excess fee they stated it was $750, so pretty good. We could reduce that to zero if we paid a higher rental fee per day but then it is all about being comfortable with the risk you take. We thought the $750 was not too bad and decided to go with no excess reduction.

The access to Bruny Island is important too, if you want to explore

We actually didn't know too much about Bruny but the fact that most other car rental companies were not offering the option to go there, just made us think we should go there to see what is so special about it.

Click on the first image below to learn more about Bruny Island and why it is a good idea to  visit it.

As a conclusion our Tasmania car hire experience with Bargain Car Rentals was a good one and, based on that, we can recommend it to our readers.

We also checked out what other people are thinking about this company on Trip Advisor. Some were very happy and others not, so go see for yourself and decide whether it works for you.

Click on these images to see where else to drive your car around Hobart.

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