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Well, maybe not on top of the world but definitely on top of the tree canopies. If you are visiting Hobart don't miss the Tahune forest and the airwalk experience. It is one of the "must do" attractions in Tasmania.

We stayed for two days in Hobart so did not have time for all the great things to see near the city.

But we read so much about the cantilever at the Tahune that we definitely had to include it on our to do list.

The airwalk is in a lush forest. It took us about 90 minutes to get there by car from Hobart.

While driving there we stopped on the road to see some nice country towns along the Huon Valley.

It was very exciting to walk along the cantilever, touch the tree tops and look at the river below from the edge of the platform that was slightly swaying with the wind.

Tahune Airwalk - How to Get There

From Hobart, follow the road to Huonville till you reach the town of Geeveston.

geeveston, gateway to tahune airwalk

Wood carvings in Geeveston

Stop there for a walk around this beautiful little town to visit the Forest and Heritage Centre and admire all the wood sculptures and the display of flowers in gardens.

geeveston, flower gardens

Beautiful front yard in Geeveston

You can pay the entry fee to Tahune at the centre in Geeveston or head further for another 15 km into the forest and buy your tickets from the visitor centre at the airwalk attraction.

The Experience

tahune airwalk tasmania - platform

 The steel platform

The Tahune Airwalk is an hour long walk on a steel platform along tree canopies to a cantilever suspended 48 metres above Huon and Picton rivers.

 tahune cantilever

The Cantilever

You will stroll near tops of blackwood, ferns, sassafras, leatherwood, celery top pines. 

tahune airwalk tasmania - steel platform

And when you reach the cantilever, the views of the river below are breathtaking.

tahune airwalk - cantilever view

The Facts

Tahune is an Aboriginal name meaning peaceful place by running water. 

tahune airwalk - view from airwalk

Here are some interesting facts that we read on the boards at the entry to the suspended platform:

  • the airwalk is 619 metres long
  • it was built in 3 months and opened in July 2001
  • it is built to withstand 180 km/hour winds
  • the maximum number of people that can stand on the cantilever at one time is 120 (which is equivalent to 12 baby elephants).

Humour goes a long way to make you remember stuff, so there you go, 1 toddler elephant weighs as much as 10 people.

Once the walk above the tree tops is over there are several other options to enjoy your time in the forest.

swinging bridge, tahune, tasmania

Swinging bridge

For example you can stroll along the river and admire the beautiful pines (a 30 minutes walk) or cross the two rivers over two swinging bridges, one across the Huon and the other across the Picton (1 hour trip).

Don't feel like driving back to Hobart and would rather spend the night in the forest? The Tahune lodge is there for you. Check out these reviews at TripAdvisor and see whether the lodge is right for you.

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