Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

To get more information about the Sydney Harbour Bridge facts visit its southern pylon. It will also be an opportunity to take a lot of great pictures of Sydney too.

It is a great and fun alternative to the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, especially if you don't like the heights. You won't get the same thrill or perspective from the top but you will still enjoy excellent views of the city and harbour.

And to enhance your experience, you will be able to take your own photos of Sydney, which you can't when you climb it.

sydney circular quay view from sydney harbour bridge pylon Here is a photo of the Circular Quay taken from the pylon.

sydney harbor bridge climb - view of the bridge

And another one looking down to the weekend traffic on the bridge and the harbour.

sydney harbor bridge climb - view of the harbour

Some more to give you the feel of the great expanse of the Sydney harbour.

You can learn a lot of interesting facts about this Australian icon and the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge when you visit its southern Pylon. And some fun facts too.

Read all the exhibits and look at the old photos to see what Sydney Cove was like, before the Opera House was built on Bennelong Point.

Here are the facts that we learned just by browsing the exhibits in the pylon.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

  • As early as 1840s there was an efficient ferry service across the harbour. Before the opening of the bridge it carried about 40000 people each day. This explains why it took so long to get a bridge project approved.
  • John Bradfield was the engineer who designed it.
  • The arch of the bridge is 134 metres above the sea level.
  • The length of the arch span is 503 metres. The bridge is 49 metres wide.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon is 89 metres above the sea level.
  • The steel expands with heat up to 180 mm in height.
  • The span, width and load bearing capacity make it the greatest bridge in the world, even if it is the third longest.
  • Originally the Sydney Harbor Bridge had 6 vehicles lanes, 2 train lanes and 2 tram lanes, a footway, a cycleway.
  • Now it has 7 vehicle lanes, 2 train lanes, one bus lane, a footway, a cycleway.

Fun Facts about Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • White cats lived in the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon between 1948 - 1971 as part of the "All Australian Exhibition".
  • Francis Edward de Groot, a member of the right wing paramilitary party slashed the opening ribbon before the official opening of this Australian icon.

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