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Here is a selection of things to do in Sydney in March. They include movies, food and live music, the Mardi Gras parade and lots of entertainment.

The city celebrated the Summer festival in January with music and fun galore, then the Chinese New Year, Taronga Twilight concerts and open air movies in February, so March would be a quiet month.

Actually not.

The fun continues with more movies and more concerts.

The music is still on every weekend at Taronga zoo.

Plus there are more things to do, see and taste.

Let's see.

Sydney Australia Events - Mardi Gras

The colourful Mardi Gras parade is running in Sydney since 1978, celebrating diversity and acceptance.

Make sure to be on Oxford and Flinders Street, Darlinghurst on Saturday March 4 2017, from 7 pm to enjoy it all.

Mardi Gras is celebrated from 17 February to 5 March with a comedy festival, queer art after hours at the Art Gallery of NSW on 1 March, shows, games, live music, a fun dress run, and lots more.

Adele live in Sydney

Adele's Australian tour includes two concerts in Sydney on March 10 and 11, 2017.

An amazing show with spectacular lighting.

Crowds chipped in to add more light with their mobile phones torches.

The wait for buses and trains, with 95,000 people heading to ANZ stadium was well worth it.

French movies anyone?

french film festival event in sydney in march

The Alliance Francaise French Film festival is on from 7 to 30 March at cinemas in Paddington, Leichhardt and Cremorne.

If you are not travelling to France but want to know what kept the French going to cinemas last year, you can with this event.

It is known to be the largest festival of French cinema in the world, so you'll see some of their best movies.

In 2017, the festival celebrates 28 years of going strong in Australia with mainly new releases.

Taste of Sydney Festival

The festival promotes wine producers, restaurants, chefs and their culinary delights during a four-day event in Centennial Park, from the 9th to the 12th of March 2017.

Sydney Australia Events - St Patrick's Day

For those Irish at heart and not only for them, March 17 is a great day. And it is celebrated everywhere in Sydney. Put on something green and head to the nearest Irish pub.

World Food Markets at Manly

Every Friday until March 31st you can listen to live music and taste yummy international food, covering cuisines across many countries. Take a picnic rug and enjoy Mexican, Thai, Italian, Spanish, French, German delicacies in Gilbert Park.

Sydney Australia Events from Past Years - 2011

First Emperor - Chinese Entombed Warriors Exhibition

chinese terracotta warriors banner

The exhibition was on during January to March 2011 at the New South Wales Art Gallery in the Domain.

The rich collection of exhibits depicted the story of the First emperor of China, in the Qin region, bringing back an era lost in time.

The discovery of the huge terracotta army was totally accidental. Farmers found old pottery objects in 1974 and thought they belonged to their immediate ancestors only to find out that they were about 2200 years old.

An army of archaeologists are still making their way today through 3 pits that are full of beautifully crafted figures of soldiers, horses, chariots, weapons meant to guard the First Emperor in after life. Plus many other decorative objects that are a proof of the superb craftsmanship in those early days.

An Unusual Event - the YouTube Symphony Orchestra

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra came to the Opera House. Young musicians from various countries uploaded their videos on YouTube and have been voted by the public to play next to Sydney Symphony and other accomplished Australian and international musicians during 15 - 20 March.

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