Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014

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The famous Sculpture by the Sea exhibition runs yearly at Bondi over two weeks at the end of October and beginning of November.

It has been on since 1997 and has created a free event, probably the world’s biggest free outdoor event of its kind for crowds to come, walk along the high coastline from Bondi to Tamarama and admire a collection of innovative, beautiful, ingenious or quirky art.

Some artworks are confronting, others confusing.

Some are thought provoking giving you lots of ideas and hints to digest and try to understand what the author meant, or to interpret it in your own way and find meanings that are far from the original intentions.

Others are beautifully sophisticated or make a powerful statement.

Some are suggestive about our way of life to make us question the decisions we take.

Others are just simply elegant and cool.

bondi points at sculpture by the sea 2014

More than half a million people are estimated to have walked along the coast to see the exhibition in 2014.

The weekend is definitely not the good time to be there as you are just fighting for room with thousands of people trying to stay on the narrow pathways and capture lots of shots of every work of art.

Sculpture by the Sea pictures

With no further ado here are some pictures that we took on an extremely crowded Sunday. We started the walk at Tamarama beach.

sculpture by the sea 2014 frypan

Where we saw a giant frypan like a huge sandpit for children and adults to play. Or to get sunburnt? Is it a metaphor of our unhealthy choice to stay too much in the sun? Or that too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing?

sculpture by the sea 2014 snakes and ladders

We passed under two arches: one with snakes swarming up ladders and the other counting the people going through it.

couning arch sculpture by the sea in sydney 2014

A Dali like melting spoon was hanging over a rock and reflecting the sun.

melting spoon sculpture bondi 2014

Headless chooks try to find their way around...

sculpture at bondi exhibition 2014 chook

...and a majestic whale leaps and flaps its fins.

outdoor art 2014 sydney - whale

A fallen tree trunk with flame like wires reminds us of how devastating bush fires can be.

A little man is playing birds and and a giant one looks out over the ocean.

man with birds sculpture
sculpture by the sea 2014 wanderer

A beautifully polished rock stands tall against the rough coastal rocks.

polished rock at bondi 2014

No, this is definitely not a marriage proposal, it is just the sun reflecting into the steel ring below.

steel ring bondi 2014 sculptures

And here's a swan made of truly unconventional and unexpected materials: a shoe shaper and probably some table legs.

Bondi beach - 2014 sculpture by the sea swan

Weird looking, faceless bronze babies are crawling on the lawn.

bondi 2014 bronze babies sculptures

Kangaroos hop in the side mirror of a ute.

sculpture by the sea 2014 roos in the mirror

There's even a rock pool full of lap swimmers.

It's not far from the actual iconic Bondi Icebergs pool.

Which is also the finishing point of our Tamarama to Bondi walk for the outdoor exhibition.

iceberg pool at bondi

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