Popular Foods in Australia


Seafood and barbecues are among the most loved food items Down Under. But some of the popular Australian foods that truly stood the test of time are the vegemite, pavlova and damper.

Below is some information about each of these iconic foods.

The damper dates back to the time of the settlers and early travellers who were exploring the new continent and had to make do with whatever they could cook on a campfire.

The vegemite is the result of research by food technologists and the pavlova is a source of a bit of controversy between Aussies and Kiwis. No one knows who was the first to come up with the recipe.

What is Vegemite?

vegemite is one of the popular foods in australia

Vegemite is a thick salty spread made from yeast left-overs after brewing beer. Generations of Australians have enjoyed it since 1923. The date is proudly mentioned on all vegemite jars.

As some one new to traditional Aussie food, chances are that you may not like it at the beginning. But it grows on you.

Spread some butter on a hot piece of toast and top it with a very, very thin layer of vegemite. You will soon understand why it is one of Australia favorite foods.

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A Damper Recipe

Damper was originally a bread baked over a campfire by the early Australian bush settlers. They used only flour and water. Today's improved recipe, which uses self raising flour, milk and eggs makes it a nice base for a starter dish.

Buy the damper bread or rolls at your supermarket. Empty the inside of the bread, fill it with roasted vegetables or a dip of your choice and chill it. Then take it to a picnic and get everyone to try it. Quick and easy to make and tasty to eat.

The Rich Pavlova Dessert

pavlova cake with fruit

Yummy pavlova with strawberries and blueberries

Pavlova is a meringue cake named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Bake it at home or buy it off the shelf, top it with whipped cream and fresh fruit. A delicious dessert, it goes well with a glass of bubbly wine.

Other Popular Foods in Australia

Other classics that are also popular foods in Australia are the meat pies and the Anzac biscuits.

The humble meat pie is a cup shaped pastry filled with minced meat and gravy. Very popular as a take away snack. It is a highly sold item during sporting events.

anzac biscuits

The crunchy Anzac cookies deserve a special mention. They are a traditional biscuit that symbolises the effort made by Australian women on the "home front" of the World War I. They baked the biscuits and then sent them to the Australian diggers (soldiers).

Today you can buy Anzac biscuits in food shops. They are very popular for morning tea.

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