Obesity in Australia, a Major Health Issue

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Obesity in Australia is on the rise and it is taking its toll on the nation.

Despite the large variety of fresh, healthy and delicious Australian foods, a 2008 study by Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne has found that about 26% of Australian adults are obese. Studies also suggest that one in four children are overweight.

People all over the world tend to eat more and replace physical activity with comfort. 

In addition to this, obesity in Australia is probably influenced by the big distances that people travel to get to work or take their children to school. With almost every person with a driving licence in a family having their own car, it really becomes very difficult to walk and lose those additional calories.

Studies have also shown that most migrants have a healthy weight when they arrive in Australia, but tend to put on fat later on. They adapt very quickly to the large portions of the take away food, which is cheap, easy and convenient.

take away food in australia is tasty and cheap

Quality, nutritious foods are more expensive and require time to prepare. And time is a resource that few people have.

That's why the tendency to go for the quick and more affordable, ready to eat food is on the rise.

Entertainment and evenings out are associated mostly with food. Even if you don't go to an eatery...

Go to the movies and notice what is behind the counter when you are buying tickets. There are several pop corn machines, soft drinks fridges, chips or cookies on the shelves and huge plastic glass dispensers.

Very tempting... to keep you busy while you are watching the film.

Fighting Obesity in Australia - a National Health Priority

Obesity has given rise to a huge weight loss industry in Australia.

Gym memberships are on the increase and parents enrol their children in sports activities. Schools are trying to remove junk food from canteens and encourage kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Media is also contributing to educate people to eat more healthy. Switch on your tv - you are sure to run into a cooking show on one of the channels, almost at any time of the day.

Chefs have become celebrities and their shows demonstrate that Australian food culture is extremely rich and there are so many ways to avoid processed food and stay healthy.

But there are people who strive to eat healthy and help others lose weight with their recipes that contain super foods and natural ingredients.

This cookbook written Belinda Benn, an Australian author who discovered the power of many alternative foods that are perfect substitutes for sugar and the traditional flour, comes with lots of additional bonuses to keep you at a healthy weight, while indulging in delicious cupcakes.

Cupcakes for weight loss? Yes, the ingredients used in these recipes make them healthy and yummy. Check all the testimonials by experts and users here before you buy your book.

A lot remains to be done to fight obesity. It has now become one of the national health priorities of Australian governments, as it is costing the economy a lot.

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