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Nights in Sydney are bright again as the sails of the Opera House come to life with sparkling colours, creative shapes and fast movement. Vivid Sydney 2014 is on.

But it is not only a splash of colour, it tells a story.

Each new image formed by the lights makes a point so let's put it all together.

It is not a fairy-tale, though the vivid hues, some cool others hot and the forms they take might make you think it is.

It is more of a contemporary reflection about history, creation, building and composition, joy of life, climate change, and unpredictable future.

Go and see it for yourself till 9 June 2014. You may find a different meaning but let me show you how I came to mine.

Nights in Sydney - Vivid 2014

opera looking like a planet for vivid sydney 2014

Take a look at the reddish colours of the Opera sails. They look like the scorching soil of a smoldering planet with peaks and troughs and some spots of blue water.

orange sails at the opera house vivid 2014

And more water is now covering parts of the "planet". Sounds familiar?

vivid lights at sydney opera house 2014 - lightning storm

Meteors fall and create havoc. Or is it lightning and storms? The tones are now earthy and dramatic.

vivid lights 2014 stormy red lights

Drama builds up as colours change to fiery red.

vivid sydney 2014 snakeskin sails of the opera

And then as if a snake passed by and shed its skin!

vivid lights 2014 sails - reptile look

Is that a colourful reptilian look?

vivid lights 2014 colourful clouds

Clouds appear in an explosion of colour as if overwhelming joy is wrapping up the whole universe.

creative sydney 2014 architecture

All changes to subdued tones as geometrical forms emerge to symbolise a celebration of grand architecture: the building of the Opera House.

vivid lights 2014 rainbow

And we are back to a rainbow of colour for exuberance and extravaganza.

2014 vivid sydney diamond look on the opera

Which is then tempered by powerful and cold diamond shapes to bring in harmony and a glimpse into what future may look life in the absence of wisdom and common sense.

vivid sydney 2014 tiles ripped revealing the stage

Drama is building up. The ripped tiles of the Opera reveal the auditoriums or what might have been the stage once.

vivid sydney 2014 - water fills the concert hall of the opera

Then water starts to slowly fill up the concert hall and fish big and small glide around. Is that what might happen? Can we change that somehow? Is this the story of a changing climate?

Dazzling Nights in Sydney - the Museum of Contemporary Art

vivid sydney 2014 museum of contemporary art - beast

This time it looks like a fairy-tale is embracing the majestic building of the museum, with a big cat on the prowl.

vivid lights 2014 mca green

Some malefic force pulsates inside the trunks of the bending trees and their branches move frantically.

vivid 2014 snake image on the museum of contemporary art

The beast turns into a snake and winds around the building.

vivid 2014 mca castle image

And then everything calms down as a towering castle materializes...

...and the story can go on and on. But better visit Circular Quay and come up with your own story.

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