Move to Australia

How is it to actually move to Australia?

It is a big decision. You probably have thought about it over and over again and consulted your friends or family. Some may have urged you to go ahead, others may have tried to stop you.

People can help share their thoughts but it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

But what does relocating involve? I'm talking about the time after you received your visa:

  • how did you choose what city to go to?
  • how did you buy your airfare?
  • how did you find a place where to rent or buy?
  • how did you plan your first week?
  • how did you feel about it, what was it like to think that you have to start from scratch?
  • what was the overall experience: good, exciting, difficult, fun, tiresome, pleasant, hectic?

For us it was quite frantic and very quick.

We received the visa in January and two months later were in Sydney. Two months to plan and act: sell stuff, buy other stuff, organise everything, make choices, decide and go.

This website is based on our experience with starting a new life in Australia.

But everyone has a different experience, for some it's good from the start, others have to wait a bit, some love it here from day one, others miss their home.

So please share your story with us, tell us how it went for you. There are other people out there who would like to know and get more tips about moving to Australia and building a new life.

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