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If you want to find on a map Alice Springs and its surroundings, Google is your best provider.

However, if you are already holidaying in the red centre and are on the road, away from the town, you may not have access to internet. 

Or simply you may not want to bother. There are so many other things to see and do there, much better than surfing the net.

Once you get to the Alice you will find a free map of Alice Springs in most hotels. Or visit any travel agent and ask.

They will be happy to give you one and hopefully have you as a customer for their outback tours to Ayers Rock or the gorgeous MacDonnell Ranges,  the majestic Finke Gorge with its Red Cabbage Palms  and many other places that you can only dream of.

Below is a map of the town and its surroundings - it is better to plan your trip in advance so as not to waste time when you get there. Start visiting around and enjoying your holiday as soon as you are in the outback.

Interactive Map of Alice Springs 

View Map Alice Springs in a larger map

Zoom in and out to be able to see details of the streets or just the big picture. Alice is not a big town but it has a strong  social life and events keep happening, almost every week.

So if you have heard that an event is on and want to see how to get there, or want to check the address of a hotel or restaurant, press the "+" sign on the map above to get the street view, see the details and... breeze along.

We've included pointers to show some of the attractions in Alice Springs: the desert park, the reptile centre, the telegraph station, cultural precincts. Take a tour of the town to see them all.

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