by Jesse

My family and I want to move to Australia, but we haven't found job, house, college (for my daughter). We need to move there because (we live in Greece) life here is very difficult. What can we do? We need help but we don't know anyone. Where can we find help??


Hi Jesse,

I can understand how you feel about wanting to move to Australia. Especially these days when life has become difficult almost everywhere due to the financial crisis. Australia has remained quite strong during these times, but we live in a global, interconnected world, so any news coming from other areas of the world can influence the outlook here.

As to your questions, I am not clear whether

  • you already have a visa for immigrating to Australia but haven't moved yet because you haven't found a job, house and college or

  • you are trying to figure out what the steps for applying for a visa are?

I'll try to make some comments for both questions.

Searching for a Visa

If you are after a visa, then the first thing you need to know about is whether your skills or your partner's skills are in demand in this country.

This is because skills are the most important factor that can make or break your success in moving to Australia. You need skills to be granted a visa and you need them to make a living Down Under.

But not just any skills. Skills that are in demand. Which are they? You can find the information by checking the department of immigration website and browsing the occupation lists. Download a copy from

If you tick the box with the occupation, review all the other requirements. Here's just a brief summary at the Australian immigration visa page, but for all the details visit the department of immigration website. Most visas are points tested.

If you think that you respond to all the criteria and that you can claim the required number of points, then get your skills assessed and sit an English exam. When you get positive results to the assessments, register your interest in the Skill Select database on the department
of immigration website.

You can opt for an independent visa or one that involves nomination by a state or territory. Or you could express your interest for living in a regional area in Australia.

Registering your interest doesn't mean you have applied for the visa. It means you might be invited to apply. Or your professional details may spark the interest of an employer who could contact you and offer a job.

If you need help with getting a visa, try National Visas. They are a registered migration agency and can provide you with specialist advice.
Or for an instant free online assessment, click here.

To Go or Not to Go...

If you already have the visa but are not sure about going because you don't know anyone and have not found a job, a house or a school, then the answer... is in your heart.

You must weigh your options and understand that any move is a risk. But on the other hand you are saying that staying is a risk too because life is difficult.

Discuss your alternatives with all the members of your family and reach an outcome with which all are comfortable. Which is usually easier to talk about than act.

Knowing someone here isn't essential for settling, but, of course, it can help.

Type Greek community in Australia in your browser and see whether you could contact members of various associations that may give you their views about life in Australia as compared to the experience they had in Greece.

As to finding a job, house or college, it would be quite difficult to find any before arriving. Especially houses or schools. You need to have a feel for the area you want to live in before renting a house and you need to know where you will live before finding a school.

I hope you take the best decision for you and your family and wish you best of luck.

Keep in touch and let us know how you go. If you decide to move, please tell us what you think about your new life. It can be helpful for other readers, who, like you, are looking at their options.

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