I Want to Spend my Summer in Australia


I plan on spending 3 months there. I'm going with my little cousin. She's 3 years old. Her mom wants me to take her to activities or whatever.

I'm wondering if i can sign her up for preschool just for those 3 months. And I want to know if she would be eligible since we aren't citizens of Australia.


Child care is a hot topic in this country. Usually it takes a lot of planning to get a child into a centre, as there are long waiting lists.

The industry is heavily regulated, the staff-to-child ratio is high and the personnel is qualified, which means child care comes with a rather high cost.

Many centres receive government funding. This can make getting a spot more difficult if you do not reside in Australia, though not impossible as you would pay all the fees and wouldn't claim any benefit.

Once you know where you will spend your summer in Australia run a search on the internet for preschools in that area and email or ring them to ask whether they would accept your little cousin and what fees they will charge you.

Some online resources that can provide more specific information are www.careforkids.com.au or www.echildcare.com.au

Ask your cousin's mother to join some parenting Australian forums and get more feedback and advice from people who have had a similar issue.

Enjoy your summer in Australia.

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