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One of the interesting facts of Sydney Australia is the huge number of its suburbs and the area they cover. Here are motorways that connect them.

Sydney extends from the harbour on a radius of some 60 - 70 km to the west and south and a bit less to the north.

Three of its 4 motorways, the M2, M5 and M7, run almost in a loop and the fourth, M4, connects the inner west suburbs to the outer west.

Work is in progress to widen the M4 and then to connect it with M5 through a tunnel.

This should ease the traffic on the Parramatta road that currently links the M4 to the city/

The M4 motorway takes you to the west, to Parramatta and then to Penrith or, via a separate road, to Richmond. You could then take the Great Western Highway to continue towards Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.

While this area is not exactly Sydney, people living in the Blue Mountains are part of its metropolitan population.

blue mountains, west of sydney

The beautiful Blue Mountains

Facts of Sydney Australia - Suburbs

The suburb of Parramatta, located strategically on the river with the same name, about 25 km west of the City, has grown to become a second major CBD (central business district) in Sydney.

Many companies moved their head offices to Parramatta. They pay lower office rents and attract a strong workforce living close by.

The larger suburbs to the north of the Harbour include North Sydney, Chatswood, Hornsby. They are strong business and shopping areas with many townhouses and units. Then there are the northern beaches with great water views.

northern beaches sydney

Northern Beaches - Queenscliff

The F1 freeway starts in Hornsby, cuts through the bush and offers spectacular water views heading further north to Gosford and the Central Coast suburbs. These suburbs are distinct from Sydney but their population of over 300,000 is counted towards the population of greater Sydney.

The M5 and M7 motorways link the city to the areas of Liverpool and Campbelltown in the south west.

The southern suburbs include Hurstville, the Sutherland shire and Cronulla with its ocean views.

Then there are the eastern suburbs and their beaches, such as Bronte, Tamarama, Coogee, all very close to the famous Bondi Beach.

sydney beaches - bronte beach

Bronte view

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Bronte is one of the beautiful Sydney beaches

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