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You woke up this morning and decided to emigrate to Australia. Just like that, an irresistible urge.

Or you've been thinking about it for a while and now want to find out more.

Yeah, why not? It is good to live here, it is one of the countries with the best lifestyles in the world, many opportunities, great for raising a family, a relaxed environment, beaches, outdoor living... you know, all the good stuff.

How about your family? And friends?  

The life you leave behind?  

The unknown into which you venture?  

Not all is rosy, there are disadvantages too.

Okay, you weighed your pros and cons and are still planning to emigrate to Australia.

Where do you start? Did you have a look at the Department of Immigration website - immi.gov.au? It's all there, all the options that are available for you.

Yes, I thought so, a lot to read. But it is essential information if you want to proceed.

We are a nation of migrants. Almost 45% of the country's population were either born overseas or have a parent born overseas.

But our population is aging and skilled people are in high demand. This has created many opportunities, with many immigration visas granted every year.

Our economy needs skilled people to keep the engine running. It needs people who have work skills or business skills. The immigration policy offers a number of ways to get the skills in, for example:

Australian Immigration Visa

Find out about the basic requirements for a skilled visa. That is if you have the skills that are in demand here.

Don't even think about it if you don't.

Work Visa

Highly skilled and earning your income from an occupation in demand Down Under?

Find out if you can apply as a skilled independent migrant.

Work Visa for

Not enough points for a skilled independent?

Check the options of being sponsored by a state or by your family, if they live in a regional area.

Sponsored Visas for Australia

Has an Australian employer considered that your skills match their needs?

Get ready, they may nominate and sponsor you for a permanent visa.

Work Visa

If you have the right qualifications and experience and your skills are valuable to an Australian employer, guess what?                      You might be lucky. They could help you with a temporary visa.

Business Visa

Are you a business owner? A successful one? Do you want and have the money to set up a new business Down Under?               

Apply for a temporary business visa. 

Visa for Australia -Business Owner

Have you already got a provisional visa?

If yes, and you like your new life and business, or your investments yield the expected results, apply to make your visit permanent.

Australia Visas

Are you a successful entrepreneur in your country? Are you willing to set up a new business in Australia and also manage it?

Apply for a permanent visa.

Immigration Lawyer Australia

The information about relocating can be overwhelming. There are many options. 

An immigration agent can advise you and help choose a visa that is right for you.

Immigration in Australia

The papers you need to apply for a visa differ with your particular situation.

But some documents apply to many.

Find out which.

Immigration to Australia

The cost of the visa is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are several additional costs and charges related to preparing your application file.

Relocate to Australia

Have you received a positive reply?

Are you ready to emigrate to Australia?

Start organising your financial situation in your home country.

Emigrate Australia

Here is a memory jogger: - a printable checklist to help plan your trip and organise travel papers, personal documents, utilities, assets, financial documents.

Moving to Australia

Your new life in Australia starts today.

But where do YOU start? What should you do now? Don't wait till your jet-lag wanes. Act immediately. Here's how.

Migrate to Australia

Any new beginning comes with pros and cons. You can face some hurdles associated with the new culture, getting a job, renting a house. Find out which are the cons.

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