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To increase your chances to find a discount airfare to Australia you have to be very flexible.

Flexibility with your flights includes choosing the time of the year, days of the week and sometimes time of the day.

Landing or taking off very late or very early can be a bit cheaper.

Lower prices are usually associated with inconvenience and less comfort.

Inconvenience can also include:

  • flying longer and having additional stopovers, away from the standard route;
  • wasting time in an airport between flights;
  • flying to a smaller airport which is far from the hub where you need to transfer to your next flight;
  • arriving to that small airport very early in the morning or very late at night, which makes the transfer even more difficult.

All this means that you need to measure the additional hassle and add the cost of it to your discount airfare. And that hassle can be measured in terms of money, fatigue, missed opportunities.

In addition it is always difficult to stay 100% in control of your journey. There are places, habits or rules that you don't know about and hence you could put a foot wrong, which may ruin the whole travel experience.

To get yourself a better deal or cheap airfares be prepared to spend more time searching online. Input different days of the week and different months and compare.

If you can, avoid the major celebrations and holiday periods such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Easter, as more people travel and airfares are higher.


All airlines have seasonal tickets. Sometimes they differ from one airline to the other.

plane above australian desert

Night Flight


Usually the southern hemisphere summer is high season for trips down under: December through to February followed by spring: September and October.

You might find better fares in November, March and April, though this is not a rule any more.

Winter, from May to August, should offer you the best option for a bargain flight to Australia. But sometimes there are exceptions and July can be a shoulder season rather than a low one.

Days of the Week

You might get a discount airfare to Australia if you aim for mid week flights: Tuesdays to Thursdays. The weekend flights are usually pricier, with more leisure travellers wanting to escape for a short break. Mondays belong to business trips, so they tend to be more expensive.

Discount Airfare to Australia - Travel Longer

Airlines may have various promotions and cheap flights that require you to travel longer, via a city which is off your normal route.

While this can add to your jet leg and fatigue, you may actually benefit from the promotion by interrupting your travel in that city. Pay cheaper for your flight and see more.

The law of compensation will work though, you will also have to part with your hard earned money to pay for your stay. But you still get to see more, which is good, right?.

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