Darwin was The Best place for Study Abroad

by Rebecca Brown
(Reno, Nevada, USA)

I spent my semester abroad in Darwin, Australia 15 years ago. My friend and I chose Darwin because we did not want to be caught up in the slew of foreign students that flock to the bigger cities and we wanted to experience "The Outback."

I must say, that it was an amazing six months. The semester in Darwin was fabulous and I met so many friendly Aussies to go adventuring with. We drove down to Ayers Rock, slept under the stars, jumped off cliffs and waterfalls, went to Kakadu and thoroughly immersed ourselves to life in Darwin. I loved it!

Traveling around after, I found Tasmania to be one of my favorite spots. Can you tell I'm not a big city person? For anyone traveling "Down Under" be sure to visit this gem.

Highly recommend Darwin, Australia for those college students looking for a unique "off the beaten track" semester abroad experience "Down Under."


Rebecca, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I haven't been to Darwin yet but it is definitely on my to do list. As to Ayers Rock, it is one of the Australian icons. The place to visit.

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