Cost to Start a New Life in Australia

by Emad Hosseini
(Tehran, Iran)


Thank you very much for this helpful website you created. I've already read half of what you said and learned things nobody else teaches. If my visa approves I'll be there in December and thanks to you I know what to do.

I have a question about starting in Australia but I didn't know where to ask since I have no friends or relatives there until I saw this page.

I want to know how much it will cost me to start a new life in Australia? I mean except from visa or flight costs, how much it will cost to live till you find a job and get your first salary?
In other words approximately how much money should be in my pocket when I get out of the plane in Australia?

Thank you very much. I'm waiting for your answer.


Hi Emad,

Thanks for your question. There is no easy and straightforward answer, as all depends on how long it takes you to find a job. It can be 2 weeks or much longer. It also depends on your lifestyle and on the way you spend.
As you don't mention where in Australia you want to go, I'll just assume it is Sydney, which is
considered to be more expensive than other capital cities. However I visited most of them and did not think that transport or food were cheaper elsewhere.

Costs to starting a new life in Australia include accommodation, food and transport. I'll try to give you some hints and direct you to other pages of this website where you will find additional information.

Take into account at least 250 $/week for a studio or 1 bedroom unit. There is more information on what factors to consider when you choose your housing option at Rental Properties Sydney page. It includes a map of Sydney, which shows the main suburbs in the three distance rings: inner, middle and outer.
Also you can find some tips and things to know about searching and applying for a home at Rental Property Australia.

To apply for rental you need to be in Australia, so for your very first days here you should book a room at a hotel. The cheaper prices are around 70 - 80 $/day. There is more information on the Where to live in Sydney page. You will see there a search box for hotels. Insert your check in and out dates and see options and prices. Click "sort" and select prices from low to high to see offers from beds in hostels to private rooms to services apartments. You will also see distances to the City, photos and reviews.

Consider $20-30/day if you eat at food courts or take away, less if you eat from the supermarket, more if you dine out. Here is more information about some average food prices.

A short bus trip can cost you $2, a longer one about double. To minimise your costs buy a TravelTen ticket.
Petrol can cost you around $1.20 per litre. Prices can change daily and vary by petrol station.
Aim to find accommodation near transport, preferable rail, to delay the purchase of a car till you start a job. Here is some information about where and how to buy used cars, and about Sydney Car Auctions, how to register used cars in Sydney and tips about used car prices.

I hope this answers your question. You can always visit the website again and ask more.

Good luck with your journey.

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