Climate of Sydney

by Natasha

I need to know the climate of Sydney?


Hi Natasha,

Thanks for your question.

Here are some pages where you can find more information about the climate of Sydney Australia, and specifically autumn, both in terms of weather and things to do. Click on further links on those pages to see more about weather and activities in Sydney in spring, summer and winter.

If you want to know more about average temperatures and which are the best seasons in Sydney then check here, or see how the current weather in Sydney is right now.

It is now autumn in Sydney. Usually this is a season with warm days and cooler nights. Temperatures can be as high as 25 degrees Celsius during the day and go down to 10 or 12 degrees during the night. It is a season where you can still go to the beach and swim in the ocean - the water can be warmer than in summer. For example the water at this end of March is around 23 degrees. Just great.

But, as meteorologists warn, warmer waters mean higher chances of rains.

In 2011 the long lasting Australian drought was replaced by the wet. Good bye El Nino and welcome La Nina. Forget the Spanish flavour, that's just the scientific way of saying that you can't leave your home without an umbrella.

Rainfalls and floods happened all over the country. Sydney was not spared. So we did not have a real summer this year.

December 2011 was colder than usual and rainy, January and February were rainy again, March has been a bit better but autumn came almost on the first day on the month with temperatures dropping at night.

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