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With drought a feature of climate in Sydney Australia, summer must be hot. Is it really that hot?

It can be. But generally heat doesn't last too long.

Sometimes, but not that often, temperatures can hit 40 degrees Celsius (104oF) or more during the day. It can really be a scorcher. But then evening brings a cool change and you can breathe again.

And next day the temperatures can stay around high 20s or low 30 degrees Celsius (68 / 86oF).

You may get the odd one or two, rarely three days of heat in a row but that's it. It is rather unusual to experience more than that. However the heat wave can come back after some time, a couple of weeks or more later. Sun glasses and sunscreen are a must during summer.

How to Dress

It is the time for flowery dresses, cotton tops, singlets or tanks, shorts, slides and thongs. A shawl or light blazer will be fine for the cooler nights.

Climate in Sydney Australia Summer - Exciting Things to Do

The first month of summer, December with average maximum temperatures of 25 degrees C (77oF) and minimum of 17 (63oF), and the celebration of Christmas will get you out to listen to the Carols in the Domain.

It is a big tradition, with families taking a picnic basket and heading to the Domain Park to see the show and sing carols into the night. You have to come early to pick a spot as the place gets crowded very quickly.

And for the new years eve Sydney is the scene for great fireworks in the Harbour, as Australia is among the first nations that start the new year.

climate in sydney australia summer - luna park view

There are a number of vantage points to see the spectacular display of falling stars and colourful lights on the Harbour Bridge.

Among them: the sites at the Opera House or at Luna Park.

January is the hottest month of the year with daily average maximum temperatures of 26 degrees C and minimum 19 (79oF / 66oF). And it is a top holiday month.

    climate in sydney australia summer - sydney festival

  • One of the best things to do in Sydney in January is to go to the Sydney festival. It is a famous cultural event which attracts many international and Australian artists. Some of the events are free and happen outdoors. Organisers believe that more than 1 million people attend the festival each year.

  • The open air night concerts at Taronga zoo, under the name of Twilight at Taronga start in January and happen on weekends for 3 months till March.

  • Australia Day, on January 26, is an event which brings large crowds into the city to celebrate the day and see the fireworks at night.

Climate in Sydney Australia Summer - Valentine's Day

Many cruise liners head for Australia in summer. Queen Mary 2 sailed into Sydney Harbour in 2012 with a huge marriage proposal banner on Valentine's Day.

queen mary 2 cruise liner - marriage proposal banner

February temperatures are very similar to January ones. And there is a lot to do to enjoy the nice weather.

  • It is the month of the Chinese New Year. The date is different every year and celebrations can start in January and continue in February with the Dragon dance, performances, delicious Chinese food, history tours and lots of colourful events.

  • Mardi Gras starts around mid February and runs for about 3 weeks with music, theatre and a big outdoor fair and parade. Big parties conclude this festival of the gay community. It all happens in Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Moore Park and Luna Park.

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