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A business in Australia has offered you a job. Lucky you! Go on, keep reading to get more tips about the temporary 457 visa.

Not really? No job offer? Go back and check other options that can allow you to work in this country. Don't bother reading about this temporary Australian work visa. It's not for you - no job, no visa.

Still reading? So.... you are among the lucky ones and have a job offer.

And not from cousin John who lives in Sydney and wants you to help around in his shop.

Unless cousin John operates a business that is an approved sponsor to employ overseas workers.

And the role he needs fits perfectly with your qualifications and work experience.

In this case cousin John could help nominate and sponsor you for a 457 long stay, temporary visa.

Ooops... you don't have a cousin John but a business in Australia is keen to have you work for them.

So why would businesses sponsor overseas workers on a temporary visa?

For example if they need certain skills that are harder to find locally.

This means they could nominate a number of full time positions and look for workers from other countries to apply for those roles. And they would sponsor the workers to whom they offer the jobs to apply for the visa.

If you have the right qualifications and experience in your line of work, and an Australian employer believes that your skills bring value to a certain role in their business, they might make the offer to you.

Unlike the business visa for business owners, if you apply for the 457 temporary visa, there is no age limit.

This Australian work visa can be valid for up to four years.

Here's an online free assessment tool to help find out if this Australian work visa is for you.

So, Who Can Apply for this Australian work visa?

If you took your assessment, you already know if you can apply or not.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you need to have or know about in order assess whether you would be able to apply for the 457 long stay, temporary visa:

  • have an approved employer who nominates you and is willing to sponsor you.
  • have an occupation that is eligible; 
  • demonstrate that your skills are suitable for the role. For more about this and check the details on the Department of Immigration website.
  • prove that your English language is good enough for the job, for example, by sitting an IELTS test of the appropriate level.  
  • check if your profession and the position for which you are sponsored requires registration and if so, be sure you are able to obtain that registration or licence.
  • get a health check to show that you are fine and dandy.
  • get a police clearance to prove you are of good character.
  • organise to have health insurance, if you are granted the visa.

What You Can Do on This Visa

  • You can work for up to four years, depending on the validity of your work visa, unless your employment terminates. In that case pack up and go back home. Other options may be available such as finding a new job or applying for a different visa.
  • You can bring your family with you if they meet the requirements and are granted the visa. They can work or study.
  • You can travel, leave and return to Australia whenever you want, within the validity period of your temporary visa.
  • Of course, you must observe all the conditions of your visa.   

Find out whether you fit the bill and if yes, do more research about this temporary visa by visiting the department of immigration website.

Too busy to read? Get the help of an immigration agent.

Good luck with your research.

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