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2011 was a year with ups and downs for the Australian dollar exchange rates against the major currencies.

The Aussie had reached parity with the US dollar in 2010, and there was an expectation that it will weaken.

But it did not. 

It had its moments when it went below parity but then climbed back getting as high as 1.1 USD.

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Let's start with a chart showing the Aussie dollar against the major currencies of euro, sterling pound and US dollar.


The Australian dollar had lots of peaks and troughs against the sterling, with a bit above 0.65 in January down to 0.607 in March, swinging its way to 0.675 in July, then a big plunge to 0.62 early in August and a boost to 0.65 at the end of the month. It just went on with the same trend of rises and falls, down at the beginning of October and up at the end of that month to finish the year at 0.658 pounds.

AUD - Euro

The Aussie commenced the year at around 0.76 euros in January, had its lowest point at 0.698 in March, climbed to 0.769 in August and after several ups and downs ended the year at its highest - above 0.789 euros.


The Australian dollar started at around 1.02 US dollar in January, went down to 0.97 in March, moved to just a tad over 1.1 US in July, declined to 0.95 in October and ended the year back to 1.02, where it started.

To learn more about the behaviour of the Australian currency and the causes behind it,  read the posts below by Peter Lavelle, economic writer at PureFX foreign exchange broker.

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