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How much do you know about the Australian cuisine? If you don't live in this country, probably not a lot. Browse a book shop and you will find lots of books about Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, Mexican or Spanish food.

But Australian cooking is not that visible.

Don't get me wrong.

There are a lot of authors who have published cooking books in this country but there are not that many that focus on typical local gastronomy. And it's a pity, because it has a lot to offer.

But the books that really stand out and promote quality local produce are those by reputed chef and true national treasure, Stephanie Alexander. Here are two of her best  books. Click on the links below to read the reviews and buy them from Amazon.

Australian Cuisine - a Delicious Fusion of Diverse Cuisines

Finding food and cooking has been going on for a very long time in this country, with indigenous bush tucker. However, when thinking about foods in this country, most people consider only the way people have been eating since European settlement.

But there is much more to Australian food art.

The food culture is similar to the personality of the country: vibrant and multicultural. It includes the food of the Indigenous people and of all new ethnic groups who have arrived here since 1788.

The Australian bush food has known a revival.

Many gourmet restaurants serve emu, crocodile or kangaroo. Interesting dishes use native ingredients and spices, such as macadamia nuts and macadamia oil, the lovely wattleseed, or the beautiful lemon myrtle for a lovely flavour.

The Chinese introduced the wok and stir fries in the kitchens of the new southern continent. The multitude of spices and aromas, the broad range of vegetables come from various other Asian food styles.

healthy australian breakfast, poached eggs, tomato, salad, avocado

The full English breakfast of bacon and eggs plus tomatoes and beans is popular but more and more people like the healthy Mediterranean taste and replace bacon with salads, fresh vegetables and avocado spread.

While meat is important in Australian cuisine, there is also the healthier alternative of fish. And the preparation of seafood dishes has been influenced by the different cultural backgrounds of the people that live in this country.

Cooking is today part of the lifestyle in Australia.

Enjoying food, watching and learning how to prepare spectacular dishes have become extremely popular.

One of the most watched television series is the Masterchef, where contestants test their cooking skills in front of huge tv audiences.

Australian cooking art will continue to evolve and, with so much interest from so many people, it definitely has a bright future.

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