Australia Working Holiday Visa

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An Australia working holiday visa could work for you if you gave you been thinking about a gap year lately.

You know what I mean, a year to forget about the tried and tested and embrace the wild and unknown.

A year to travel around countries, see places, meet people, go for something new, learn a thing or two.

A year to backpack, be here one day, there the other.

The adventure of your life.

Sounds good, huh?

But it gets better when you are able to work a bit to avoid depleting all your savings.

Can you do this?

You can with an Australia working holiday visa.

But only if you have not turned 31 yet. And if you want to travel to Australia.

Yes, I know. It's far from most other countries, not easy to find cheap flights to Sydney, but you get to see so many amazing things.

It is an experience that makes it worth spending one or two years away from your home.            

So you are young and want to see Australia?

That's not enough. This visa is not for everyone:     

  • you need to have a passport from an eligible country, participating to this program. See which are these countries at
  • you need to have enough money to get you started,
  • and also have a return ticket or money to buy one.   

This visa offers you the best way to get around the costs - you can work and cover some of your travel costs while you are there.

To find out quickly if you are eligible to apply for this visa take a free online assessment here.

Australia Working Holiday Visa, What You Can Do

  • You can stay in Australia for a year.
  • You can visit around, go to other exotic countries in the south Pacific or elsewhere and come back as many times as you want during the validity of your visa. To have the latest updates about your entry back, check with the department of immigration Australia before leaving the country. 
  • You can study for a maximum of 4 months.
  • And the best of all you can work, gain experience and help fund your lifestyle.
  • You can work with the same employer for up to 6 months.

What You Cannot Do

Hobart harbour side

Travel around the country - Hobart, Tasmania

  • Once you have worked 6 months with one company, you cannot continue with them, you have to move on. Visit the country, have fun, enjoy your holiday or find some more short term work, if you really want to work during your vacation.
  • You cannot tap into Medicare, the medical insurance scheme, which covers the residents, so buy health and travel insurance.
  • You cannot bring your family and children with you.
    If you want your partner with you, they need to apply for their own working holiday permit.
    If you want your kids around, then apply for a tourist visa, but the conditions will be different - coming as a tourist will not allow you to get a job to help fund your trip.

But there's more about this working holiday visa.

You can apply for a second  work permit in Australia, if you work in a regional area during your first stay.

Isn't that good? Travel, find employment in regional areas, have fun and help pay for your holidays for another year.

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