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If you are moving "Down Under", an Australia Emirates flight offers you the advantage to check in more luggage in an economy class.

Travelling light is a great skill, which highly organised people certainly have.

But not everyone is organised and most of us want the freedom of taking more on a trip.

Especially if that trip involves relocation.

It is difficult to pack all you want in a suitcase that weighs about 5 - 7 kilos when empty. You'll have just 15 kilos or less for your precious stuff.

And when you are moving to another country, getting some extra kilos for free is important.

an emirates plane

Most airlines flying from Europe or Asia allow checked luggage of up to 20 kilos per person.

Not the Emirates. You can check in 30 kilos. That is really great.

But their cabin luggage allowance is very strict. Just a 7 kg handbag not exceeding 114 cm, when all sizes are added up. Not that different from most other airlines.

However they state that if you are using rolling bags, these should strictly conform to the rules. So if you want to carry more it is better not to use bags on wheels, as everything counts to that sum and weight.

But do you want to give up the freedom a wheelie bag gives you just to pack more?

We haven't flown Emirates yet so cannot comment on their service and inflight experience, but everyone says they are great.

Australia Emirates Flight - How Long to Fly?

You can board an Emirates flight from Europe with a stopover in Dubai or you can start your trip in Asia.

Flight times from most cities in Europe to Dubai are around 7 - 8 hours. It is five hours or less if you depart from southern Europe (Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca). Then about 14 - 15 hours from Dubai to the Australian eastern coast, or 11 hours to Perth on the west coast.

If you are in Asia and want to fly Emirates, you can:    

  • from Bangkok to Sydney - 9 hours
  • from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Melbourne - for about 7 - 8 hours,
  • from Singapore to Brisbane - around 7 - 8 hours.  

Flying from Europe "Down Under" or back?

Why not spend a short holiday in Dubai and enjoy the luxury, see the world's tallest building, shop in designer boutiques or grab a bargain at the markets?

Emirates offer Dubai stopover packages, which include accommodation, breakfast, airport transfers and much more. Check their website

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