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Our favourite Australia beach is one of the Sydney beaches, North Curl Curl. It is a little gem with a rock pool and great views of the city.

For us it is absolutely the best.

There are many other famous beaches in Sydney and many more around this country.

North Curl Curl doesn't usually make it to the top of the "best" lists.

It is all about perception. And perception is someone's reality, right?

So, why do we love this beach?

There are heaps of reasons for a beach to be loved: the sand, the surf, the looks, the easy access, the safety, the amenities, the cafes close by...and the list can go on and on.

north curl curl beach in sydney panoramic views

For us it is a pool in the ocean.

north curl curl rock pool

Our "own pool", where we feel protected from huge waves, rip currents, and some other nasties that populate the oceans.

Such as sharks.

There are not many shark attacks around Sydney but from time to time they can come closer to the shore.

So who wants an encounter with them? Not really.

north curl curl - edge of rock pool

The rock pool is a gorgeous place with huge cliffs in the back, rocks sticking out into the water on its sides and the big open ocean at the front.

Feel the cool foam drops on your face and arms?

Now, the pool is not really our own but that's how we like to call it. When we go there in the morning there are hardly any people around. So it's like a private huge rock pool.

Go a bit later and there are a couple of swimmers very busy doing laps along its 25 m length, and one or two families with kids splashing the water. That's about it.

So this is why North Curl Curl is the best Australia beach for us. But the pool is not its only feature.

rocks at north curl curl

The rocks that lie between the beach and the pool and continue into the ocean are great spots for snorkeling.

snorkeling at north curl curl beach

They also make the access to the pool a bit difficult during low tide and impossible during high tide.

access to north curl curl rock pool during low tide

So the only way to get there when the narrow beach strip is covered with water is along the headland.

city view from north curl curl beach

And the headland offers an amazing view of the shoreline down towards Manly and further away to Sydney.

And when you've had enough of swimming, rather than taking the coastal walkway back to North Curl Curl, go the other way towards Dee Why and enjoy the spectacular views of the northern beaches. 

Australia Beach - North Curl Curl - The Amenities

Going for an ocean swim is great. But you don't want the salt to dry out on your skin on your way back home. With North Curl Curl's  great amenities this shouldn't happen. Outdoor showers as well as private showers are there for you to cool down after the heat and wash out the salt and sand.

And if you want a quick bite, a coffee or an ice-cream, you can have them too. Don't expect anything posh, just the basics. But that's good enough to keep you want more of the beach and the water.

Australia Beach - North Curl Curl - The Safety

life guards at north curl curl

If the pool is not for you and you'd rather feel the vastness of the ocean, then swim between the flags.

The beach is patrolled and is home to the North Curl Curl Life Saving Club.

Come on a Sunday morning and watch the club members, the young  - as young as five and the not so young ones, train and compete in various surf activities. 

Swimming between the flags will keep you safe and allow you to enjoy the waves and the swell.

Click below to see and listen to the noise of big waves hitting the rocks around the pool.

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