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Starting in Sydney News, Issue #005
September 30, 2009

Discover Lifestyle in Sydney.
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Starting in Sydney News brings you our latest tips about living in Australia. And a lot of information about things to do in Sydney and its attractions.

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The words I used most during the month of September were "unusual" and "unexpected":
  • Unusual weather phenomena Ė Sydney was covered in a thick orange haze on 23 September. Another dust storm followed two days later but of a much lower intensity. No red blanket over the city this time.
  • Unusual photos Ė I happened to pass by a shopping centre when the sight of a swarm of bees hanging on a shopping trolley stopped me in my tracks. Check the photo at the bottom of this page.
  • Unexpected news about population growth hit the media. By 2050, Australia will top all the industrialised nations with a population increase almost twice that of the global average - 65%. This is huge by all standards. And good news for anyone thinking to start a new life in Australia.
  • Unexpected good news about the economic prospects posted by the Reserve Bank of Australia. An article in Sydney Morning Herald reported that the growth of the Australian economy was not only positive in the June quarter but it was the highest of any developed nation, at 0.6%.

Unusual, for someone who has never been in the desert, was our holiday to Alice Springs, as we discovered the outback and a different landscape, with ancient structures and stunning flora.

The Alice is an interesting town with very interesting people who love to talk about their life in the outback. A tour of the town will bring to light those pioneering days, stories of some brave men and women, and the amazing desert habitats.

To know where the tourist attractions are, check the map on this page.

And make sure to read about the weather to decide the right time for you to visit.

You canít miss the iconic Uluru. You could fly directly there, stay in a resort in Yulara or camp around.

But a trip to Uluru from Alice Springs is just as fine and on the way youíll see Mt Connor, which might fool you to think you have already arrived to Uluru.

Staying in Alice Springs will make it easy to visit the West MacDonnell Ranges and the amazing Finke Gorge with the unique "Red Cabbage" palms.

We stayed at Desert Palms Resort, which was quite good value for money. But there are many other hotels and resorts in Alice Springs, from back packer accommodation to 4 star hotels.

Thatís all for now. Iíll be adding more pages about life in Australia and tips on how to make the most of it.

To get them visit my website often. And make sure to read the next issue of this newsletter in one month time.

Until then, have a good one.


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