4 Unusual and Creative Ways to See Australia

by James


Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane – it's easy to see those places. There are countless hotels and hostels, tours and experiences. But how do you see a different part of Australia? Suburban Australia perhaps, or even rural Australia?

Housesitting is one such way. In return for looking after pets, watering plants, cleaning pools, or any of the other chores and tasks people need done whilst they're away, you can stay in other people's homes, watching over it while they're away. Not only does this provide you with free accommodation for your trip, the location of that accommodation often gives you a chance to see a part of Australia you wouldn't normally get to see.

Take A Road Trip

There's plenty to see in Australia, especially on the roads. Forget the Route 66, Australia is home to numerous opportunities for road trips, from the Great Alpine Road to The Lock Paddock and Snowy Mountains Drive, there's plenty to see and do in Australia.

But did you know that you can do these kinds of road trips for free? Companies like Transfer Car need rental cars in other parts of the country and are willing to cover not only your fuel costs, but also your expenses and travel insurance. Of course you will be working to a deadline and you will have
to keep to the destination where they need the car, but it's one easy and creative way to get across Australia.


WWOOF, which stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an organisation that connects organic farm owners with travellers who are willing to volunteer a couple of hours of their day helping out on the farm in return for their board and a meal.

Most of the listings will include details of the responsibilities required, the amount of time per day you're expected to give and also the type of accommodation you will have in return. Again, it offers a chance to see a part of Australia that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

Outback Survival Courses

If beasties and bugs don't frighten you and if you're looking for a new kind of adrenaline rush, consider taking an Outback Survival Course. The Outback is one of Australia's most famous and most exciting parts, but actually living out there, in the wild, is something that few travellers ever really do.

Learn what food you can eat, shouldn't eat and what's likely to eat you! Learn how to survive in the wilderness and learn a little about yourself along the way as well - an adventure not to be missed!

James is a freelance travel writer and blogger.

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