Working in Australia,
How did you go about finding work?

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What is your experience about working in Australia? Or about looking for work?

How long did it take you to find your first job?

Or are you still hunting for it?

Scroll down to share your thoughts, ask a question or help others by answering their questions.

Write about your experience and let others know how things went for you.

If you are already employed you can contribute with your own hints about your  job search process. Please tell us when you started to look for work and how long it took to find your first role.

Do you have a special tip that really worked for you? Write about it here. Scroll down to find how to share your story.

The lack of local work experience is one of the most difficult barriers in finding Australian jobs. How did you go about this? How did you overcome this barrier?

Any information can be extremely helpful for other people that are now looking to find employment in Australia. You can give them some valuable advice or you can motivate them just by telling your story.

Every circumstance is different but it helps to hear from others.

Some get to work very quickly, others have to send in their resumes to many companies before they get a suitable job.

This is the place where you can tell your story and share your experience. You can publish your own page on this site and send your friends to view it.

So please share your story with us, tell us how it went for you. There are other people out there who would like to know and get more tips about how to find work in Australia and build a new life.

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