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You want a work visa for Australia to live in this country  but do not meet the necessary points to apply as a skilled independent person?

All is not lost.

That is if your occupation is one of those that are in hot demand in a particular state.

And why would any state look for skills overseas?

They would if there are not enough locals qualified to do the job.

Then that government might want you or someone else to fill in the position.

And they might sponsor you.

Dream come true.

Here is where you can read more about the requirements for applying as a skilled independent person.

So who are you?

  • You have the skills and degrees, your English is so good that you passed the IELTS exam with flying colours and obtained the maximum score, but you're not that young any more;
  • You have the skills, you have enough work experience, you're young, but not that fresh, just in the best age bracket - 25 to 32, your English is competent though not enough to score you points, and your qualifications are at a lower level;
  • You're very young, speak English like an academic, have your bachelor degree but not enough work experience.

If you recognise yourself in the examples above, you probably are not able to claim enough points on your own, which means you can't apply as a skilled independent person.

But better find out with an online free assessment here.

If you can't express your interest for a skilled independent visa maybe you can for a skilled nominated one.

Not easy though.

But easy is not what you signed up for when you started thinking about relocating to Australia.

Work Visa Australia - Nominated by a State (Subclass 190)

States can sponsor applicants if too many of their residents are already busy working and there are not enough candidates for some occupations.

Those occupations may or may not be on the Skilled Occupation List. Some of them may be specific to just one or several states.

If your line of work happens to be in one of those occupations, express your interest for being nominated by a government.

Check the government websites of each state or territory. You can find links to these websites and also all the information you need about this option to emigrate to Australia at

In addition, you need to satisfy all the criteria for a nominated migration and you must commit to live in the respective state for at least two years.

Work Visa Australia - Family Sponsorship - Regional (Subclass 489)

You looked around, could not get any state to nominate you but you have family who live in a designated area in Australia?

They may want to sponsor you. Start working on your pitch.

This visa is a provisional one for four years but it allows you to apply for a permanent one later on.

So which are the designated areas?

Basically almost all around the country except cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong. Check them out at to make sure you get the latest information.

Your relatives  must sign a sponsorship agreement committing to help you for your first 2 years in your new country.

This means they need to offer you accommodation or help you with your living expenses. Also to support you with your English classes, by taking care of your children while you are busy, for example.

And they must bring you up to speed with how to start your new life and how to go about an Australian job search.

So, did you take your free assessment?

Good luck with your application.

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