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Where to live in Sydney, when the city is so big, you have just arrived, don't know much about it, and you are not sure where you will work yet ?

Have you set your relocation date?

Then start searching online for a place to live.

Plan to have a short term, cheap accommodation for the initial period.

If you already have a job offer, go for a place that is near your work place or has good transport connections to it.

City is well connected, there are many units for rental and there are serviced apartments too. But they can be expensive for a start in life.

CBD - Central Business District

CBD - Central Business District

A good option is to look for accommodation in other suburbs close to the City or near Sydney's central station to have easy access to railway, whatever the direction you need to travel.

If you have a friend, it may be worth asking whether you can stay with them for a week or two.

If they can't take you in, ask for their advice on where to live in Sydney or try to find accommodation close to them.

You will need their support and guidance at the beginning.

Find a hotel in Sydney

Sydney is a prime destination for tourists and business travellers to Australia. The more luxurious ones are the hotels in the CBD and those with water views. But you can find quality hotels at good prices around the Central Station or further away in the inner city suburbs.

Alternatives for a Hotel in Sydney

As an alternative, search for a serviced apartment or shared accommodation.

You could also find "house sitting" options where the owners of the house are travelling and are happy to get someone in to take care of the house in their absence.

Then get to know your new city. Visit various areas and go there at different times of the day to get the feel of the neighbourhood.

Once you decide on the area where to live in Sydney start looking for a permanent place to rent. It is cheaper than continuing to stay at a hotel in Sydney. Here are some tips good to know when you apply for a rental property.
Contact real estate agents and visit as many places as you need to be able take an informed decision.
The rent is quoted on a weekly basis and generally you'll pay one full month in advance.
The weekly prices vary a lot with size and quality of the accommodation. You can choose a house, a town house, a terrace or an apartment.
Town houses are several houses grouped together, each of them with a small yard or garden.

sydney terraces

Terraces are rows of smaller houses that have common walls on both sides and a very small yard at the back.

Usually terraces are older houses built closer to city. A large number are being renovated and offer excellent facilities with low maintenance.

Location is a big factor in determining the price.

Where to Live in Sydney - Various Suburbs

living in manly

North shore suburbs

The more expensive housing options are in areas that are close to the beach, close to the city, close to the bush, or merely in neighbourhoods where everyone else wants to live.

Such neighbourhoods may or may not have any of the proximity factors. They are good because they have big mansions, large leafy streets, nice café strips... simply wealth attracts more wealth.

See here some facts about Sydney suburbs and roads.

Sydney's Eastern suburbs, North shore, inner city are areas where you pay more. Usually the further away you are from the City or the beach the lower the weekly rent.

But don't take this for granted. For example an area like the Hills Shire that doesn't have much public transport and is some 40 km away from the city has quite high rents. Because it has become increasingly modern and comfortable, has a homey feel and people like to live there.

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