Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia

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Looking for permanent visas for Australia but you don't have enough points?

Search for Australian businesses that need to fill some demanding roles in your line of work.

But first let's see who you are.

Are you qualified, have an occupation that is in demand Down Under, but do not manage to score enough points for a skilled independent visa?

For example because you need some brushing up on your English?

Or have you got strong work experience but not the higher academic degrees to help you with the points?

There are other options for a permanent visa.

Such as sponsorship by an employer...

...But how do you find an employer willing to sponsor you?

Try a bit of luck, a bit of networking and a lot of skills and experience in the role that they want to fill. You can increase your chances for sponsorship by an employer when you register your interest in the Skill Select database: immi.gov.au/Work/Pages/SkillSelect/SkillSelect.aspx

Visas for Australia - Employer Nomination

So who are you?

  • You are not 50 years old yet.
  • You have skills in one of the occupations that are included in the employer nomination scheme occupation list. Search online for the Department of Immigration's skilled occupations list.
  • You can prove that you have the necessary qualification and experience for that position, including a license or registration, if required.
  • You should sit an IELTS exam to prove that your English is at the required level. Not if you are a native English speaker.
  • You found a business that needs to employ someone in exactly your line of work.
  • You not only found them but also proved to them that you are the right person for them to nominate you. And that's what they do. They nominate you.
  • You must also meet all the health and character requirements.

For all the details visit the department of immigration website at immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/186.aspx

To quickly find out if you can apply click here for an online free assessment.

Visas for Australia - Regional Sponsored Migration

Sometimes it may be easier to find an employer in a regional area who needs your skills to fill a vacant position. If that business offers you the role you must remain employed in that position and area for at least two years.

Which are the regional areas?

Not the east coast large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. They are capital cities where most people want to move.

Not even Newcastle, Wollongong or Gold Coast. They are too close to Sydney (the first two, that is) or Brisbane (the third one), almost at commuting distance.

So, what's left?

Lots of great locations. Regional includes the capital cities of Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, or interesting places such as Alice Springs. They service the mining industry or are strong manufacturing centres. Plus they are tourist areas as well.

These sponsored visas for Australia have 3 streams each and some requirements can vary, so do yourself a favour and read thoroughly all the information on the Skill Select website. Or talk to an immigration agent to better understand the options available to you.

So why is there a Sponsorship Option?

Why would an employer look for skilled workers overseas?

With population growing older plus families having fewer children and later in life, shortage of skills has become the norm in modern economies.
Some professions are more demanding than others and require certain competencies that can be scarce locally.

That is why sometimes Australian companies are willing to sponsor talented workers that can fill the positions they need. With this sponsorship comes a permanent visa for working in this country.

You can find other options for permanent residency if you are an entrepreneur or a highly talented business person.

Do some research and see which option is more suitable for you. Or check with an immigration lawyer as they can offer professional advice to help you better understand what to do.

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