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Applying for a visa in Australia? If you are already there it means you have one, so what is this about? Don't you have to apply for it while you are overseas?

Yes, don't even think of flying Down Under if you don't have your visa.

Unless your passport has the New Zealand coat of arms.

Then you show it on arrival and get a visa on the spot.

Not your case?

It means you have to apply well before boarding your plane.

Which doesn't mean that you couldn't actually apply again or for another one while you are in Australia.

Why would you? How about if you want to stay longer or do something else, something that your current visa for Australia does not allow.

Each entry visa works differently so make sure you visit the department of immigration website at, to understand the conditions on which you can travel.

Again, why would you want to apply when you are already there?

There are various reasons why people apply for a visa in Australia. For example:

  • you came on a temporary work visa and would like to make your move permanent;
  • or you came on a working holiday visa to enjoy attractions and have fun while doing some work to help pay for your leisure time. Then you liked it so much here that you realised you want to spend another year Down Under;
  • or came to study and now would like to work, or set up a business;
  • or you were sponsored by an employer to fill in some specialised positions in their business for a while and now are wondering whether you could stay longer;

And the list can go on an on...

Some of the visas are not meant to be extended, for example the short term holiday visa, or the electronic tourist one. But you may be able to apply for a different one while you are still on your first visit and haven't left the country.

Check your passport to see what conditions are on your current visa. If it states "no further stay" don't bother applying for a new one, you'll waste your time.

Visa in Australia - When to Apply for it?

Definitely, before the current one expires. Don't delay as processing can take some time and you don't want to run the risk of overstaying your trip.

Should you apply online or in person?

It depends on how long you want to stay, what sort of new visa you are after.

Browse this site to get some hints.

Then to understand which is the right Australian travel visa for you, visit this page and take the online free assessment. If you want to proceed further, National Visas can help advise you which are the requirements, which are the documents you need to submit and the fees to pay. You will get all the news and updates.

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