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You can apply for a permanent visa for Australia if you are an entrepreneur and you had a provisional business visa.

To apply for such a visa you  don't need to express your interest through the Skill Select website, because you have already shown that you are interested when you got your temporary business visa.

An Australian state or territory must nominate you.

Why would they?

Usually because your business contributes to their economic development. And that's what governments everywhere want.

Did you have a provisional business visa for Australia , have you established and managed a successful company in this country and want to continue doing this?

You could apply for permanent residence with a business owner visa. 

Permanent visa for Australia - business owner

To apply there are some things that you need to demonstrate, such as:

  • you have ownership in a company; 
  • you have been involved in its management for a minimum of 2 years before your application;
  • you have significant net business and personal assets;
  • you employed at least 2 local staff who are not part of your family;
  • you want to continue working in the business.

You don't need to score any points for this visa. You have already proved your worth as a business person or investor, right?

And as you have already owned a business in this country you need to make sure that you paid all your taxes and observed all the relevant regulations and laws.

To see more about this visa and its streams (business innovation or investment), visit the Department of Immigration website and check out the subclass 888 visa.

You'll get details about how much of the business you need to own, how significant your business and personal assets need to be and what you need to have done while on a provisional business visa to be able to further apply for permanent residency.

You need to be nominated by an Australian state or territory when you make your application online.

And of course you must be of good health and character.

Don't forget to include your partner, children and any other dependents in your application if you want to have them with you.

Keep in mind that this visa for Australia does not enable you to access any family assistance or social security payments, so be focused and continue to be successful with your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Here are some hints about other Australia visas for business minded, talented people.

What can you do on this visa?

  • live and work in Australia for ever or as long as you like;
  • continue with your business activities;
  • enrol and enjoy the benefits of the health care system - Medicare.

Another visa option - retire as an investor

If you want to hang up your work boots and invest your hard earned money in Australia you can.

Apply for a provisional investor retirement visa. See how much you need to invest and what annual income you should have on the department of immigration website. Search for visa 405.

This is not a permanent visa and you can't apply for one. But you can apply to renew the provisional visa if you want to maintain your investment in Australia.

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