Typical Australian Food


Australian cuisine is yummy and extremely varied. So how about the typical Australian food? What is it?

If you are thinking vegemite, it is considered to be an Australian icon.

But opinions are divided. Many people love it and many hate it.

Vegemite is a by-product obtained during the process of brewing beer. It is a yeast extract packed with vitamin B.

Vegemite was invented in the 1920s and was heavily promoted for its healthy benefits. It is eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

typical australian food vegemite toast with tomato and capsicum

If you are worried about its high content of salt, just spread butter on wholemeal toast, add a very thin layer of vegemite and top everything with tomato and capsicum slices. Rub a bit of garlic into the toast for extra flavour.

But here's what one reader told us:

The example of vegemite on toast with tomato, capsicum and garlic is misleading. I was born in Australia and I have never seen anyone eat this. It is not typical Australian food. However, vegemite on hot buttered toast is something every Australian grows up eating at breakfast time. Not every day but typically often.

Thank you,

Julie, Melbourne

Thanks Julie, it's always good to know more about the true Aussie brekkie from someone who has always had it. For someone not used to vegemite, it is an acquired taste. Which means it helps to top it with vegies to tone down the strong flavour. The hot buttered toast with vegemite is on my list now.

The Pavlova cake is said to be another Australian invention, though there is controversy around this, with New Zealanders claiming it as their own.

pavlova cake with strawberries and kiwi fruit

It is a lovely meringue cake, light, fluffy and yummy especially when topped with strawberries and kiwi fruit. It is a great birthday cake and many bake it for Australia Day.

Typical Australian Food - Sausage Sizzle and Pies

Australians love their barbeque and fire it often: at home, in parks, at the beach. What a great way of enjoying your day with your friends and family. Gather everyone around a barbeque with a bottle of beer in the hand and keep flipping those steaks or sausages. Typically Australian.

You will often find food stalls cooking sausages with onions on the barbie and selling them in bread rolls with mustard and tomato sauce. It is traditional food for festivals, sports events, at local fairs or markets, or on public holidays.

And to add more local flavour to your barbie try the native herbs and spices.

Forget about the fatty dressings, just rub your meat with the healthy seasoning and enjoy the taste.

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The other quick and easy way to keep your hunger at bay at outdoor events is to buy a pie or two. There is a great variety of meat pies and sausage rolls available at food outlets. Easy to handle for sellers and a quick fix for the buyers.

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