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Travelling along the East Coast of Tasmania is an unforgettable experience. It is one of those holidays that makes you feel good and want more of.

We continue our two and a half days' trip from Hobart to Launceston along the Eastern shores of the Apple Island.

Apple Island?

Tasmania gets its moniker partly from its apple look alike shape and partly from being a large producer of the delicious fruit.

So if you visit Tassie, eating apples, walnuts, berries, cherries and other stone fruit, if they are in season, are part of the gourmet experience.

bicheno panorama

Bicheno panorama

Travel Tasmania, East Coast - Lagoons, Dunes and St Helens


blowhole at bicheno

After spending the morning in the Freycinet National Park, we went straight to Bicheno best known for its blowhole, with foamy water shooting up and gushing on the orange boulders.

lagoon on the east coast of tasmania

Lagoon on Tasmanian East Coast

Then we continued to drive and stop and drive again to see all those little gems along the coast: beaches, lagoons and dunes plus the green gently sloping countryside on the other side of the road.

The Sand Dunes

peron dunes near st helens tasmania

Peron Dunes

Before reaching the village of St Helens we made a detour to see St Helens Point conservation area and the Peron dunes. Heaps of golden sand, really worth climbing for the view of the great ocean and beaches.

St Helens

st helens house boat

House Boat on Georges Bay, St Helens

St Helens is a nice place to stay for a holiday dedicated to estuary fishing. The best is done from a house boat...wishful thinking...

But tourist flock there mainly because it is an easy drive to Binalong, the entry point to the Bay of Fires.

bay of fires binalong

Binalong, Bay of Fires

Travel Tasmania, East Coast - Day Three - Bay of Fires

We took to the road again, early in the morning covering the short distance to Binalong Bay in 30 minutes and hoping to experience the Bay of Fires in the usual manner: driving and stoping. Not really!

Actually we could have driven another 13 km to The Gardens but that's about it. Further away it's an unsealed road. Good for anyone who wants to spend more time, but not if you are in a rush to see more of Tasmania's attractions.

binalong rock pool, tasmania

Rockpool, Binalong

We decided that strolling along the Binalong Bay shores can gives us a hint of what the Bay of Fires might be. So not sure about the beaches to the north of this little village, but Binalong with its red boulders and many rock pools is jaw dropping.

boating at binalong

People come there to sail, or fish. That's why there are benches and fish cleaning tables near the boat ramp.

And some come just to walk around and enjoy the water.

binalong walk

Shore birds are nesting along the beaches and the eggs and small chicks who have the colour of the sand are often hard to see. Signs everywhere indicate that those areas are shared between people and birds so we really had to be very careful when stepping on the sand.

shorebirds at binalong

Continue driving north and visit the beautiful spots and attractions there. Click on the images below to see what's in store for you:

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