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Are you a tourist heading down under? Thinking about ways to go around Sydney to get the best of it in a cost effective way?

You could rent a car if you intend to go to the outer suburbs or to visit the beautiful surroundings: Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains or South Coast.

You could also go on a tour.

There are lots of buses that operate tours in Sydney and areas around it to get you to the best attractions without you having to go through the hassle of a long drive on roads you have not travelled before.

If you want to explore the city on your own and have limited time just to see the centre and a couple of its most famous beaches, you are better off using the public transport: the train and buses.

You could also take the free shuttle bus to view the major attractions in the City.

But for a nicer tourist experience in the heart of the city you can't go past the light rail and the ferries.

Travel Sydney Australia by ferry

sydney harbour ferryA ferry past Bennelong Point, heading to Circular Quay

There is no cheaper way to enjoy Sydney water views than to hop on a ferry.

You can also discover some of Sydney attractions such as Manly beach, the spectacular Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Luna Park or see Sydney Olympic Park.

Sydney ferries are a great way to commute to work if you live and work in suburbs around the harbour.

For a faster trip, of only 18 minutes, between Manly and Circular Quay you can ride the Manly fast ferry, a bit more expensive but worth it if you are in a rush.

And if you are really in a rush and missed the ferry you could take the water taxi. Like the yellow boat below.

water taxi on sydney harbour

The tram

The tram (light rail) starts at Central Station and will take you to Chinatown, the Fish market and then to the inner west suburbs up to Dulwich Hill. In the past it used to terminate at Lilyfield but it was extended when the monorail was demolished.


Gone. It used to be one of the tourist attractions in Sydney, but it was just an attraction, not really used by many.

If you wanted to see Sydney from the top, you could take the elevated monorail to ride some 5 metres above the ground and get a better view of the street.

The tracks were going over Market Street past the windows of office blocks and shops, past the beautiful Queen Victoria Building and headed to Darling Harbour over Pyrmont Bridge and then on to Chinatown.

monorail in sydney

On 1 July 2013, after 25 years of service the monorail and its suspended track were taken down to make room for a development project in Darling Harbour - a new convention centre.

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