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If you want to travel in Australia, discover it before you go. Scroll down for a list of guides, books and reviews.

Many writers have described the land down under. Authors choose various topics and approaches to describe this country and its lifestyle.

Some guides are complex travel resources, with maps, itinerary suggestions and illustrations. Others focus on entertainment or sports activities that are popular in Australia.

Some writers choose the comic angle and come up with hilarious accounts of their travel in Australia, like Bill Bryson and his "Down Under".

Here are several books that you can buy by clicking the images or links. The clicks will take you to Fishpond, which is an Australian online store where you can search and order books and music.

Travel in Australia with Bill Bryson

Book Review

Bill Bryson's Down Under is a lighthearted description of a continent that has much more to share than people expect.

It opens with the perspective of a person who doesn't know anything about Australia and is eager to observe, understand, take onboard and then mind his own business.

It ends with a statement of love and appreciation for a "phenomenon" that has exceeded his expectations. His "business" will definitely include Australia.

And in between, the discovery of the country, the beauty of its landscape, the quirkiness of its people and the unpredictability of their actions keep the readers joyful and highly entertained.

The author prepares for his first trip by researching the American libraries and media about Australian topics, just to discover there was not much there, which means he has to learn about the country as he experiences his journey.

He goes there with an open mind, ready to absorb whatever he is offered. And soon there's a lot on his plate.

His firsts encounter with the ocean and the surf is not that good. His companions give him a crash course in surfing. They brief him about all the dangers that lurk in the water and then dismiss them. "No worries, nothing can happen".

True, nothing happens to them. Because everything happens to Bill. You must read Down Under to see how he manages to emerge alive from the water.

Bill then sets on a path to unearth the origin of the Aboriginal population only to come to the conclusion that they must have arrived on some sort of watercraft devices, 30000 years before any other human beings discovered navigation. And as soon as they arrived to Australia they destroyed the vessels and forgot that they have ever used them. How is this possible? Nobody knows.

The book does not provide any answers into the big unknowns of Australia. This is not its mission. But the asking of the questions is done in a funny and delightful manner, that will give you some good belly-laughs.

I really couldn't get enough of it. As I read the book during my commute to work, I couldn't help bursting into laughter, while trying to avoid the raised eyebrows of my fellow passengers.

A must read book for anyone who wants to know more about Australia or simply wants to feel good for the day. You simply cannot put it away.

Australia (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)

For those who want to travel in Australia, equipped with all the knowledge before starting the trip and all the maps when they are there, the guide is very helpful. Buy your own copy.

You will get an extensive resource of content and maps to guide you, plus gorgeous photos about all the Australian states and lots of detailed information about major cities, their attractions and culture.

Wavefinder Australia: The Ultimate Surf Travel Tool

You are into surfing and don't know which are the best spots?

Here is all a surfer wants to know when looking for those magic waves. And it comes from wave-riding legends.

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